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Dedicated Windsurfing School in Poole Harbour… the No 1 location in the UK!

Poole Windsurfing Lessons

Our windsurfing lessons take place in the safe, shallow waters of Poole Harbour, where we teach in small groups with personalized windsurfing tuition which is always with the same experienced instructors & using the latest equipment to make learning easy.

All this makes us & our windsurfing courses stand out, giving you the best possible learning experience. Even when you are no longer being taught at our windsurfing school we are always happy to help & advise if you happen to be coming for a sail. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… we are also one of the most competitively priced windsurf schools in the area!

Watch The Poole Windsurfing School – A Guided Video Tour

Our Windsurf School

Poole Windsurfing School

Poole Windsurfing is the product of over 25 years teaching experience, being drawn from managing two other local windsurf centres and teaching at different locations around the world.

Much of our business is through word of mouth about the quality of instruction & is what keeps people coming back for more throughout their windsurfing career!

As the only truly dedicated & retail independent windsurf school at Poole Harbour, we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality windsurfing equipment. Brand new boards & sails every year combined with lightweight components all make learning & progressing much easier for you.

Hear what those that have been windsurfing with us have to say on our Testimonials Page.

Special Offers

Amazing special offers on windsurfing lessons & windsurf hire

Not only do we have great instruction, the latest easy to use equipment, on land simulator & prices including wetsuits, buoyancy aids/harness, even wetsuit shoes but we also have some amazing special offers

Full Beginners Windsurf Course – Save £19 Learn all the essentials so that you are safe enough to get out on the water practicing after the course & get a nice discount on the price! Quote FULLB when booking.

Windsurf Hire – Save £50 The best way to really progress in windsurfing is with regular practice. Save £50 by purchasing a 10 hour hire card. Quote HCARD when booking.

Group Lessons – 1 Person Goes For Free For every 5 people booked, one person goes on the course for free! Quote 5PLUS when booking.

The Poole Windsurfing School – A Guided Video Tour

A quick guided video tour of all you need to know about the Poole Windsurfing school…

Our teaching background, a quick round up of all the latest windsurf equipment we use followed by some great action from students taking lessons out on the water! Check out what students have to say about the standard of our windsurf tuition & quality of windsurf equipment on the Testimonials Page. Come and join in the windsurfing fun with us at Poole Windsurfing!

At Poole Windsurfing, we work with industry leaders in windsurfing equipment, such as Goya Windsurfing. Read about our relationship with ex world champion windsurfer, Francisco Goya & his company Goya Windsurfing.

Learning to Windsurf with Poole Windsurfing is a pleasure. The location is hard to beat and the instruction and equipment is first class

– Jon Marshall

BBC Radio Solent Interview – Just how easy is it to learn how to windsurf?

Hosts of the BBC Radio Solent H2O Show, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (the first person to sail single handed and non-stop around the world) and Shelley Jory-Leigh (British Powerboat Racer) chat to Terril Winters (Senior Windsurfing Instructor) from Poole Windsurfing about just how easy it is to learn how to windsurf.

Find out the best way to learn how to windsurf, hear what ingredients make for a top windsurfing location & know when to get out there on the water. Windsurfing is a great sport for everyone to enjoy!

The Poole Windsurfing School Working With Ex World Champion Francisco Goya

Goya Windsurfing Equipment

We have chosen to work with ex world champion Francisco Goya and his brand Goya Windsurfing.

Like Poole Windsurfing, they are an independent company that are committed to delivering the very best for their customers. Goya Windsurfing equipment is top rate, with Francisco having a genuine passion for the sport & pushing the development of windsurfing equipment.

Working with Francisco Goya & Goya Windsurfing, we have a direct link to those that actually research, develop & test the equipment that you, the windsurf student will be using at the Poole Windsurfing School.


Poole Windsurfing Team with Francisco Goya

We can give feedback directly to Francisco & the Goya Windsurfing team about how our customers are finding the windsurfing equipment and suggest where improvements or developments can be made for future boards & sails that will come to Poole Windsurfing.


Adventure Activities Licensing Authority - Poole Windsurfing

The Poole Windsurfing School holds a license issued by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), enabling us to teach under 18′s without a parent being present for their windsurfing lessons. If you are thinking of booking under 18′s in for a windsurf lesson or equipment rental on their own, it is important to make sure that the windsurf school you choose to go with has an Adventure Activities License. Without it they are not allowed to teach or rent equipment to under 18′s unless a parent for each child is within sight & sound.

Poole Windsurfing is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Service as licensed to provide specified activities under the following headings: WINDSURFING. License details can be confirmed by calling The Licensing Service, Tel: 029 2075 5715

Why not make the most the summer and bring your kids (& yourself if you like!) down to the Poole Windsurfing School and take some windsurfing lessons. We have kids specific windsurf equipment with special narrow diameter masts & booms, plus small lightweight sails to make learning easy for children.