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Posted by on Apr 2, 2012 in Windsurfing News |

Adam Lewis – A New PWA Wave Champion in the making?

A new wave icon in the making, has UK windsurfer Adam Lewis got what it takes to become a PWA World Champion?

He’s training hard in the Canary Islands, where many of the coming competitions will be held. Whilst putting in the hours training, he is also working closely with his windsurf sail sponsor, Point 7 Sails, developing their range of wave sails.

Adam is known for his BIG backloops (just watch the video below!), full power wave riding and no holds barred sailing.

Checkout this video portrait for a bit of background about Adam Lewis, his training and some words from his sponsors Point 7 Sails:

Who is Adam Lewis? from Bartek Jankowski on Vimeo.

Adam Lewis Windsurfing in Tenerife

Adam Lewis – ‘You can’t beat the feeling of heading out on the water with just a few of your mates. Im sure every windsurfer has had that feeling watching everyone trying to out do each other on every run, hooting and whooping when you see your mate pull off something cool. This winter has been fantastic in Tenerife it’s been so windy, it’s easy to get a little lazy about going sailing but this day definitely wasn’t one of them. The wind was really fluky all day and a lot of people had given up and gone home. I just had a feeling that this was one of those days you just have to wait and eventually it will turn good! Sure enough at around 5.30 the you could see a wind line just up by the harbour wall but nothing in the bay. The waves looked awesome and the funky wind line was whipping the tops off them. We had to swim about 200m just to be able to water start but as I got upwind on my first wave I knew all the waiting and swimming was worth it, the tide was really low so the wave was pretty hollow, the first hit totally caught me off guard I only meant to do a turn but as the lip threw over I got sent up into the air and looked down to see my mate just grinning at me. The whole session was like that just taking turns on the waves without a care in the world. Epic!!’

Adam Lewis has hit the world stage of windsurfing and has his eyes set on conquering the world title!

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