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Posted by on Mar 11, 2011 in Travel |

Windsurfing Holidays – 5 Steps To Choosing The Best

Insider tips for choosing the best windsurfing holidays and getting a great windsurfing experience:

1. Decide whether to go ‘all inclusive’ with your windsurf holidays – as with any kind of holiday you will need to choose whether to have everything included: flight, accommodation, windsurf equipment rental and windsurfing lessons.

Beginners windsurfing simulator sessionIn favor of all-inclusive windsurfing holidays, they are usually a good deal in terms of price. You can relax and let others take care of your arrangements.

At the other end of the scale are the self-made windsurf holidays. You can tailor the experience exactly how you want it (not that it always goes to plan!). In terms of windsurfing equipment, by bringing your own, you can be in control of exactly what kit you will be using on your windsurf holidays but the cost of transportation (we are talking a few £100) can over shadow this freedom.

A good compromise would be to book some equipment for windsurf hire or windsurfing lessons at your chosen holiday destination but sort out your own travel & accommodation. This way you get the hassle free feel of having all the windsurfing equipment provided for you yet maintain an element of flexibility by being in charge of your own itinerary.

2. Make sure the windsurfing equipment you will use is top rate – If you are taking your own equipment on your windsurfing holidays then there is no excuse for poor quality kit & only yourself to blame if is not up to a good standard.

If you are renting your equipment whilst on your windsurf holidays then make sure you specifically ask how old the equipment at the windsurf centre is! Have a look at the Poole Windsurfing School equipment page for an example of 1st class windsurfing equipment.

3. Check the forecast sites for good windsurfing conditions – With a weather dependant sports holiday such as windsurfing you really need to do your homework & look at a few of the top windsurfing weather forecast sites to get a good overall impression of the locations you are considering.

A good source listing the top wind forecast websites (which can be applied to most windsurfing destinations) can be found in this article about the Top Wind & Weather Forecast Websites.

4. Decide what you want to learn on your windsurfing holiday – Do you want just rent equipment and do your own thing or take windsurfing lessons to propel your skills to the next level?

It’s a good idea to pre-book at least some of your windsurfing lessons before you arrive, so that you start your windsurf holidays with a purpose! By picking out a good windsurfing school, talking with them about what level you are at & pre-booking some windsurfing lessons you will have a good action plan laid out before you even arrive to start your windsurfing holidays.

5. Make sure you have adequate windsurfing insurance – Last but not least, make sure you are adequately insured for all your windsurfing holidays. When you are out there in the elements, things may not always go to plan! You need to protect your windsurfing equipment against damage or theft and yourself against 3rd party claims arising out of incidents out on the water.

It is simple to get windsurfing insurance cover when you know what you are looking for. Check out this article, Finding The Right Personal Windsurfing Insurance for a good summary of what you need to be covered for and a summary of the major players in the world of windsurfing insurance.

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