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Posted by on Jul 15, 2012 in Technique, Windsurfing News |

Big Wave Windsurfing at Peahi Jaws Hawaii

A massive milestone in windsurfing wave riding is to tackle the famous wave of Peahi, known as Jaws! The top watermen of Hawaii see this as the monster of all waves and to ride it puts you up there with the elite of windsurfing. In this video you can follow some of windsurfing’s young guns, Conner Baxter, Kai Lenny and Graham Ezzy taking on Jaws for the first time….

As it says in the video, riding waves of this magnitude is all about team work. You definitely need the skills to pay the bills but also a backup team to help launch and be there to pick you up with a jet ski should it all go wrong!

Timing is everything not just with the actual windsurfing on the wave but also with the backup crew being in the right place at the right time. The young guys riding Peahi, Jaws in Hawaii are the future of windsurfing and should being pushing the sport to new levels over the coming years.

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