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Posted by on Nov 30, 2013 in Equipment |

Choosing Your Windsurfing Equipment

Like all boardsports the equipment you use for windsurfing can make a big difference to your progression and hence your fun out on the water! Windsurfing by its nature is a technical equipment orientated sport, more so than surfing. This is a good thing though, as without all the equipment windsurfing would not exist and we wouldn’t have this amazing sport that gives total freedom on the waves!

The good news is windsurfing equipment has become so much more user friendly over recent years that it has got to the point of being able to put together a complete windsurf setup in under 2 minutes! If you don’t believe us just check out this rigging speed challenge with pro windsurfer Victor Fernandez…

So, that video blows the cover on the myth about windsurfing being a hassle, now lets take a look at what you actually need in terms of windsurfing equipment to get up and going with the sport:

1. Windsurf Boards –
There are many different shapes and sizes to suit all styles of riding, abilities & body weights. From a nice floaty 200lt beginners board down to a 69lt quad fin wave board. You will almost certainly add to your initial board purchase, to give greater flexibility as to the conditions in which you can go out in.

2. Windsurf Sails – Again, different shapes for the various disciplines of windsurfing (wave, freestyle, freeride, etc) and sizes to suit everyone & every condition! Build up a quiver of sails but if possible at least start with 2 sizes. On a simplified level this will give you one windsurf sail for light winds & another for strong winds.

3. Windsurf Masts – Now a days masts are super light weight and RDM (Reduced Diameter Masts) are definitely the way to go! They make for a stronger mast and are much nicer to handle in your transitions. Carbon content all the way – the more you spend, the lighter the mast!

4. Windsurf Booms – A fundamental piece of kit, it’s what you hold on to! A decent windsurf boom can really finish off a great setup. Aluminum construction is the norm unless your budget can stretch to carbon, in which case you will enjoy the extra weight saving (both in your boom & wallet!). Squash grip, size adjustment readings, dual pin system, articulating heads are all things to look for in choosing your windsurf boom.

5. Mast Extensions – A small but very useful piece of windsurf equipment that saves you from having to buy too many different mast lengths! It slots into the bottom of a mast and gives various increment adjustments to extend the length of any given mast. Again, you can get these in aluminum or carbon. The more standard aluminum mast extensions are very durable, whereas the carbon variety will save you weight.

6. Mast Bases – The bit of kit that joins your board and rig together. It includes the plate that screws into the mast track of your board & a universal joint (UJ for short) that enables you to throw the rig around in all directions.

The main thing is to make sure you get some good advice when you are buying windsurfing equipment as it is very important that you have the correct size/style of board and sail to suit your ability and the type of windsurfing you will be doing. Even in the age of internet shopping it is still worth getting down to your local windsurfing shop to have a chat with those that really know about what is going to work for you. Plus, it is always nice to actually see the kit for real before you buy!

If you want to know how to rig your windsurf equipment like pro windsurfer Victor Fernandez then check out our post all about how to rig a windsurf sail. For more information about choosing the right windsurf kit take a look at our detailed buyers guide to windsurf equipment.

Happy Wndsurfing!

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