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Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Windsurfing News |

New Detailed Wind & Weather Forecast For Poole Harbour

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to forecasting the wind and weather at Poole Harbour (and most of the world’s other great windsurfing locations)…

Poole Harbour Weather & Wind Forecast is a wind forecast provider for windsurfers, that provides quality wind forecasts for many surf locations in Europe. For us, it not only has a wind & weather forecast for Poole Harbour but also for, Branksome Dene & Boscombe as well! How it differs from other popular wind & weather forecasting websites such as Windfinder & WindGuru is by focusing on local regional weather models & forecasting the wind / weather at a much higher resolution model size.

As the creator of says…
“What makes different is the fact that we run several regional weather models (eight at the moment; cabeverde is the next to go live) spanning small, “surf hot-spot” areas. Our competitors, e.g. windfinder, runs one large europe model at a grid scale of 12km. We in turn decided to provide several higher resolution models (5km to 8km) for better topography modeling. This greatly improves the ability to include athmospheric effects like sea breezes and orographic effects at mountains.” – Michael Scheer, Muchoviento

The term ‘regional weather model’ refers to Muchviento’s highly sophisticated approach of applying state-of-the-art weather models to small, focused geographic regions. Since the focus is quality, the regions chosen are small and the model is set up to run with a very high grid size resolution. This configuration directly translates into great forecasts: orographic (study of the formation & relief of mountains) and thermal effects can be modeled as well, apparently making a real difference compared to the results of their competitors.

UK Weather 3D Contour Topography Each weather model has a both a fixed & dynamic aspect to it. The fixed side of things is the topography and the dynamic part is the initial weather conditions at the boundary of the model, which change with each run of the model.

You can see the topography layout for the UK channel model in the 3d-contour plot shown to the right.

Using the forecasts is pretty straight forward:

1. Bookmark your favorite regional forecast pages directly – its quicker than going through the dropdown menus each time
2. Click on Regional Model (0-72).
3. Read the forecast graph – time across the top & wind strength, gusts, direction, temperature, rain down the side
4. For a quick visual reference as to what the wind strength is doing, the charts are colour coded (blue for light wind, green, yellow, orange, red then purple for the strongest winds)

Direct links to our local windsurfing forecast pages:
wind & weather forecast for Poole Harbour
wind & weather forecast for Bournemouth, Branksome Dene
wind & weather forecast for Boscombe

All forecasts are updated every 6 hours and you can find the update cycles for a specific regional model at the top left of each local forecast page. The Global Forecast Model (GFS) button gives values useful for comparison and long-term forecasting – not something your average user needs to use.

So, there you have it another great tool for checking the wind & weather at Poole Harbour and a couple of our other local spots (Branksome Dene & Boscombe).

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