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Posted by on Nov 15, 2009 in Travel |

Beginners windsurfing & advanced windsurfing training in Egypt!

OK, so the summer is drawing to a close, its getting too cold to motivate yourself to get out on the water but you still feel like you need more of a windsurfing fix. The answer is to go into intensive training mode, on a trip to Dahab, Egypt…or at least that’s what I did!

Beginners windsurfing to advanced freestyle Dahab, Egypt!

Beginners windsurfing to advanced freestyle Dahab, Egypt!

Picture this, 28c in the air & the same in the sea, then add perfect wind for all levels & super flat water. Unfortunately there is always a chance this ‘usually windy place’ just doesn’t deliver & during my end of UK summer time windsurf trip we only got a few days of strong winds.

This really has been abnormal condition out in Dahab for this time of year. The locals were saying they haven’t seen it like this in 10 years! Not what I really wanted to hear but it is good to know that the chances are next year should hopefully be back to normal!

When does work, the usual wind pattern goes like this: strong wind builds over night to give great improver & advanced windsurfing conditions from early morning through to lunch time. As the air temperature rises during the day the wind calms to give great conditions for beginners windsurfing. This & the fact it is always 30c with clear sky make Dahab, Egypt an amazing place for all levels of windsurfers to go. Mixed ability groups/couples can go here with the confidence that everyone will get some great water time that will really boost their windsurfing ability.

Next year we may even run a trip out to Dahab for all our students to continue progressing their windsurfing skills & prolong the summer feeling! Details will be posted on our Windsurfing Holidays page

Windsurfing holiday destination for 2010 - Dahab, Egypt

Windsurfing holiday destination for 2010 - Dahab, Egypt

We should be in a position to offer a great discount price specially for all our students so keep checking back for more info!

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