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Posted by on Jul 20, 2011 in Equipment, Windsurfing News |

Francisco Goya at Poole Windsurfing School

So, Sunday 10th July was the big windsurfing demo day held by Poole Windsurfing & Francisco Goya. All the latest 2012 goya windsurfing equipment was rigged & ready to go. Lucky windsurfers met the man himself, Francisco Goya & then got to test out some of the latest 2012 Goya Windsurfing equipment in some quite nice marginal planing conditions down here at the Poole Windsurfing School.

Goya Windsurfing Equipment Demo Day

Goya Windsurfing Equipment Demo Day at the Poole Windsurfing school

Francisco Goya was on hand to answer questions about the latest 2012 goya windsurfing equipment, giving advice about how to rig sails & chat about the new equipment in the 2012 line up, such as the new Banzai sails which enable you to use a smaller size than normal yet still give some good early planing power!

Most of the Goya Windsurfing equipment was on display & ready to be tested by eager windsurfers! The list of demo equipment included boards such as the Goya Custom Quads, Goya Ones, Goya FXR’s and for windsurf sails there were 2012 Eclipse, Guru and Banzai Sails!

Francisco was helping setup boards & sails along with UK Importer, Rick of Zero Gravity Distribution & Terril from Poole Windsurfing. Francisco was super enthusiastic, telling all about how the Goya windsurfing equipment works and what changes have been made for the coming 2012 season. He is a super nice, genuine guy who clearly has a big passion for everything windsurfing and it was a pleasure to have him take the time to come down to the Poole Windsurfing school and share his knowledge with us!

Poole Windsurfing Students at the Goya Demo Day

Poole Windsurfing Team with Francisco Goya

Poole Windsurfing provided some of their Billabong wetsuits, wetsuit shoes & some beginners Goya Surf boards & Goya Surf sails for people to get out on the water at Poole Harbour and enjoy the afternoon. With an incoming tide, sun & a steadily increasing breeze, Francisco was a busy man rigging sails for those keen to get out there and do some product testing!

The location used by Poole Windsurfing is perfect for all levels of windsurfer, from beginners just getting their balance, people practicing their carve gybes and even those getting into the world of windsurf freestyle. The gently shelving, shallow water & steady onshore breeze make for great conditions for progress with your windsurfing.

Throughout the day Francisco Goya was on hand to sign autographs and general inspire the local windsurfers to get out there and enjoy the sport of windsurfing to the full.

We already look forward to getting some of the new 2012 goya windsurfing equipment into the Poole Windsurfing school for next season.

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