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Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in Technique |

Windsurf Flaka – Mastering How to Flaka

If you haven’t already heard of the Flaka then you are in for a treat, its a super sweet windsurf freestyle move that will have your fellow windsurfers green with envy! Basically, its an aerial upwind 360 – simple.

Having tried them myself, I can tell you that learning takes some amount of bravery. You will definitely be taking some punishment while you try to figure out just how the windsurf Flaka move is done. The pro’s doing them in the videos tend to make them look super easy & completely controlled with no potential for pain!

Checkout this how to Flaka movie, which also has some nice little gems of wisdom thrown in by the guy actually performing the Flaka in the video…

More Windsurfing Freestyle Videos

Make a note of the summary points at the end of the above windsurfing Flaka clip, its good to have any high speed move such as this broken down into entry, mid & exit with some key pointers for each stage.

If you want a break from hurling yourself into Vulcans & Spocks (as I occasionally do) then why not hurt yourself in a new way by trying to learn to Flaka!

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Keep trying & keep progressing.
Happy Windsurfing!

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