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Posted by on Feb 12, 2012 in Bargain Buys |

Goya Windsurfing Sails – Guru, Eclipse and FXR With Massive Savings

Out of all the windsurfing brands out there we choose to use Goya Windsurfing sails. The Guru, Eclipse and FXR have such great build quality, extra little design features, cool looks and a development team headed by non other than ex world champion, Francisco Goya.

Goya Windsurfing Sails Offer

Working closely with Goya Windsurfing, we are sometimes lucky enough to get fantastic savings that we can pass on to you. The following Goya Guru, Eclipse and FXR windsurfing sails are from the 2010 season but have all the key design and build features of the current models.

Goya FXR
Goya FXR Windsurf Sail

The FXR 6 is a 6 Batten No Cam Freeride sail that supplies the maximum of power, speed and control in the Goya Sail range. The Goya FXR design changes from size to size to suit the conditions- The larger sizes are cut for power and speed- the fundamentals of slalom and race style sailing. Lightweight, great low end power- plane early and go faster. The smaller sizes are cut to excel in high wind maneuvers, jumps and speed. The new reduced head outlines on all sizes gives a quieter, easier feeling and improved overall range. Goya FXR is the sail of choice for Designer/Rider Jason Diffin for The Gorge summers of white knuckle power, speed and jump sailing, and light wind cruising on the big boards.

SizeColourYour Discount PriceNormal Retail PriceSaving

Goya Eclipse
Goya Eclipse Windsurf Sail

Levi Siver’s signature windsurf sail “The reason’s behind the Eclipse for me is to have a balanced low drive sail with a compact feel and short mast. I wanted a sail that could go neutral real quick but then push on the gas when I need drive in my sailing. I make sure to downhaul the sail real good to create the tension in the sail that gives it release from the top and balance in high wind conditions. We created a tight head so the sail retracts back after it releases which gives it it’s drive and balance. Now outhaul is relative to what the wind is doing. You can ride less out haul but make sure to have a good amount of down haul. The sail can touch to boom but shouldn’t be rapping the boom unless it’s 10 knot conditions.

The Goya Eclipse needs shape so if its powered 5.0 and you flatten your sail its going to feel bad so it’s better to go 4.7 and keep the shape. The Goya Eclipse has a big range from high wind control to being able to cheat with a sail size smaller because of the drive and full shape. Another trick is to move your harness lines an inch to two inches towards the clue to centralize the low drive management. So, the principle of the Goya Eclipse is to ride a smaller sail which means better style on the wave.”

SizeColourYour Discount PriceNormal Retail PriceSaving

Goya Guru
Goya Guru Windsurf Sail

Effortless and easy handling makes your sessions longer. Huge wind range means more time sailing and less time rigging. Soft and flexible, forward driving and quickly neutral, the Goya Guru will take you where you want to go on the water and in the air. Just visualize what you want to do, and the guru will take you there… The Goya Guru is also an excellent choice for smaller and lighter sailors in high wind due to it’s forward stable draft, and soft, easy feel. Keith Teboul and Francisco Goya rely on the Guru to take them to a higher level with confidence, and so can you.

SizeColourYour Discount PriceNormal Retail PriceSaving

These prices even include FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY (Mainland UK).
Grab yourself a bargain and some of the best windsurfing sails out there on the market!

Check out these actual Goya Windsurfing sails in action:

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