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Posted by on Mar 16, 2011 in Windsurfing News | 5 comments

Hamworthy Marina Development Concerns – Port Master Plan

Plans for a massive marina set 200 metres offshore from Hamworthy Park have been revealed by Poole Harbour Commissioners. Proposals for the £25 million boat haven with 950 berths include a new home for neighbouring Poole Yacht Club.

Part of the Port Master Plan, the curved breakwater would include some land reclamation, pontoons, a berth for a cruise ship, workshops and a small marine business park, possibly an education centre and the potential to create several hundred new jobs.

Hamworthy Marina Development

Hamworthy Marina Development Plans

There has been a lot of protest against the planned £25 million marina development in Poole Harbour, Hamworthy Park. Due to the potential detrimental affect it will have on watersports activities in the area, local windsurfers have set about making a petition against the planned development.

As one of the organisers of this petition says…
“Us folks in and around Hamworthy Park are setting up an online petition that is against a proposal by Poole Harbour Commissioners to build a huge new marina across the front of Hamworthy Park here in Poole. This is where me, my friends and many others windsurf and kitesurf. If this marina is built it will all end. With the prevailing wind direction we are restricted in the direction that we can go so we have no options. We are after as much support as we can”

One upset regular user of the area had this to say…
“The Port Extension & Marina proposal would ‘extinguish’ the greater part of our delight in the area and we would most certainly transfer our holiday venue if this ill-conceived development were to go ahead. I suspect this is for the benefit of a few who have little regard for the well-being and pleasure of the majority. I therefore urge all concerned to really think again about the wisdom of this massive commercial venture in a unique, traditional tourist area.”

You can read a lot more information about the planned marina development at the following website:
News on the planned marina development at Hamworthy Park

There is also a Facebook page giving all the latest news & developments:
Facebook Page for news on the Hamworthy Marina Development Plans

If you are concerned about the impact this marina development would have on what is a great windsurfing location then do your bit and sign the petition.

Lets hope the windsurfing at Hamworthy Park continues for years to come.

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  1. Thanks for your support. It is high windsurfers and kiters using Poole Harbour in various locations made their voice heard. I have windsurfed around this area for 25 years+ and like a lot of others I spent hours going nowhere at Shore Road tacking the basiccs of this brilliant sport. In all that time I cannot think of one thing the harbour commissioners have done for us. Shore Road was much quieter back then and there were no parking meters but it was still parking on the road, rigging on the pavement, no toilets, no cafe and a harbour bed strewn with old foundation blocks and rock screes. Take a look at any of the Poole Harbour or Poole tourism web sites etc and these sports are used to promote the area. Enough is enough. Use this petition to make your comments. It has already gone to the Borough of Poole Council. It will go to PHC and Department of Transport.

  2. has everyone forgotten about people who have beach huts in the park,and the children who play and swim in the sea. where does the toilet waste go from these boats and yachts, in the sea i presume. there will be a lot of sick kids about including ours. we should we go somewhere else because of a few boats. who are going to block out our beautiful view. we have been going to this park since we were babies and kids our selves. please can someone sort the toilets out, which we think is disgusting especially right next to a cafe.

  3. We moved here, in Hamworthy, because of the wonderful beach, park and opportunities for adventurous flat water sailing, windsurfing,kayaking and swimming. People come here from all over the UK for just this reason.
    This development would destroy the park for ever.
    Do tourists count as stakeholders?

  4. I refer to the Petition to oppose the Hamworthy Park destruction by Yachts, now I must inform you that there is only one way to fight this problem, a Petition will not work for certain, I am aware of this from past experience, the way to make sure this is dealt with correctly is by “letters hand written by individuals and their names and addresses in seperate envelopes” this is a MUST, all objections must be made clear stating the reasons.

    I do not wish to tell you what to do, but, I had experience of this in the 90s when we nearly lost Lake Drive Car Park, we had 1,065 individual letters written, it was SAVED and a lot of local people helped to save this area, NOW as I am older, you must all pull together, it is not just Sport that is involved, it is the FUTURE of our CHILDREN and the beauty of Poole Harbour. I will be fighting this with you, so please lets get the letters written NOW! ! !