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Posted by on May 29, 2011 in Technique |

Hot Freestyle Windsurf Move

Awesome combination move by the Belgien freestyler Steven van Broeckhoven…

Airfunnel into Double Puneta by Steven van Broeckhoven B-72.

Once you have the basic building blocks of windsurf freestyle, combination moves (albeit a little more straight forward than the above example!) start to become possible. The best way to start your windsurfing freestyle career is with plenty of light wind practice sessions. This is how you start to get the awareness & muscle memory for these advanced high wind freestyle moves. Practice, practice & more practice in the light winds & your whole windsurfing game will be taken to new levels!

Light wind ‘muscle memory’ practice really applies to any windsurfing skill you are trying to master, whether its a tack, carve gybe, harness or anything else, the majority of any skill can be learnt in light winds.

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