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Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in Technique |

How To Build A Windsurf Sail Quiver

A big discussion point amongst windsurfers is how best to choose the sail sizes you have in your quiver. Do you have a sail every 1.0sqm or every 0.5sqm? Do you stick to using the same brand for all your windsurf sails? How to match the sails to the type of boards you use?

So many factors that you want to know about when setting up your ultimate windsurf quiver of sails… luckily there is some great info out there on the subject, including an article from Loft Sails.

The summary from their article…

“There are simply too many factors such as location, rider weight/body type, skill, discipline/preference, budget – and many more – to make a flow chart or easy-to-follow process. You are different to the next gal or guy on the beach, so your quiver will vary from theirs too. But here we’ll try to outline the main things to bear in mind.

Keep it simple
1. Invest the most in the core size/s you will use the most in the widest, most common wind band at your regular spot
2. Stick to one or as few brands as possible (E.g., Brand X in high wind, Brand Y in light wind.)
3. Demand wind range from sails for the best value, usability and least hassle/most fun
4. Optimize what fits the least masts and booms
5. Match rigs and boards smartly – avoid significantly over or under powering boards
6. Smaller size gaps in smaller sails, larger gaps in larger sails”

All the finer details of how to build a windsurf sail quiver can be found in the full article here:

Tips for Building a Windsurfing Sail Quiver

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