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Posted by on Apr 21, 2011 in Windsurfing News | 1 comment

Invention of Windsurfing – Vintage Video to Latest Action

Following up on our article all about the history of windsurfing we have dug around to find what is one of the earliest pieces of windsurfing footage ever recorded. Sit back and get ready to be amazed by what was the all new sport of windsurfing!

Fast forward a few years and the sport is already developing fast. There’s racing events, wave jumping and windsurfers are using harnesses & footstraps. This rapid growth in windsurfing was all happening in the 80’s so there were also some great comedy styles in clothing & equipment! It was all part of the big boom in people learning how to windsurf.

Be warned, this video is 80’s cheese to the max (including the sound track)!

Thankfully the soundtrack to windsurfing videos has now moved on just as much as the sport itself and right now we are really entering the realms of what only a few years ago was thought to be impossible to do on a windsurfer. Videos such as Four Dimensions show just how unbelievably advanced the sport of windsurfing has now become…

Happy Windsurfing!

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1 Comment