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Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in Technique, Windsurfing News |

New Freestyle Windsurfing Move by Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo

In the world of windsurfing freestyle, new moves are being developed on what seems like a weekly basis. One of the most impressive windsurfing freestyle moves to date has to be this one from the master, Jose Gollito Estredo and its called the MATADOR.

During training in El Yaque, Gollito was trying to master this windsurf freestyle move ready for the PWA World Cup on Lanzarote. Despite not quite getting it nailed during this training he tried it out again at the PWA event and this time got it dialed, as you can see from the footage below! Gollito, the king of windsurfing freestyle, decided to call the new move MATADOR.

Easy when you know how – just a planning, back to sail, one handed grubby 540! And most people find carve gybing a challenge!

Gollito is the No 1 windsurfer on the PWA – Professional Windsurfers Association so maybe its fair enough that he is just a little bit ahead of most of us in the windsurfing skills department.

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