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Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Equipment, Windsurfing News |

The Latest 2014 Windsurf Sails From Goya Windsurfing

It’s that time of year when all the latest 2014 windsurfing equipment is released on to the market and here at the Poole Windsurfing School we are taking delivery of a range of 2014 Goya Windsurfing sails ready for next season! The designs have all changed for the 2014 windsurf sail range, as Jason Diffin, the man in charge of sail design at Goya explains:

2014 Goya Guru Windsurf Sail 2014 Goya Guru Windsurf Sails
JASON DIFFIN about the new Guru: “The latest version of the very popular Guru model, the Guru G4 features the same effortless and comfortable handling feel that is the Guru legacy. Now in a new, lighter 4 batten layout. Smooth easy power delivery throughout all sizes, great low end power, easily neutralized. New sizes 3.2 and 3.5. Soft and light feeling allow for long sailing sessions without fatigue. The Guru lends itself to be used in all wave and wave style sailing conditions, from down the line waves to onshore waves and free wave style saling. The PVC window provides life long clarity, and gives a smooth feeling to the sail. The Guru G4 is well suited to sailors of lighter weight in strong and gusty wind conditions looking for ultimate comfort and control. Extremely durable construction. Well suited to multi fin boards.”

Goya Windsurfing Nexus 2014 2014 Goya Nexus Windsurf Sails
JASON DIFFIN about the new Nexus: “The new Nexus comes with lavish scrim body panels and carbon stretch control tendons. This upgrades the new Nexus to embody the best materials available, delivering uncompromised freeride and freerace performance. The new Nexus is significantly lighter, stronger and faster. You can expect magnetic low end power, easy handling with a massive high wind range and unlimited speed potential in any flatwater to bump and jump condition. The Nexus is all about simple speed. This sail has no cambers, making rigging a dream. The scrim body panels provide a quiet, supple ride. The smaller 6 batten sizes are cut for maneuvers then speed, while the larger 7 batten sails are cut for speed then maneuvers.”

Both the Goya Guru & Nexus sails are top end, high spec and available for you to rent at the Poole Windsurfing School in the coming 2014 windsurf season!

2014 Goya Windsurfing Surf Sail 2014 Goya Surf Windsurf Sails
JASON DIFFIN about the new Surf: “A classic soft, luffable dacron trainer sail with a PVC window. This sail feels right at home at flat water beginner windsurfing. Dacron and PVC make for a very durable trainer sail that can be left rigged and on the spot for extended periods. Its bright color is very easy to spot from shore or across the water. The Surf is the sail of choice for all instructors, windsurf schools and self-taught adventurers. It’s the sail we’ve designed to teach our own children. The Surf is the perfect choice for learning the basic principals of windsurfing.

Our entire fleet of beginner/improver windsurf sails is being replaced for the coming 2014 season, making sure everyone who comes to learn how to windsurf with us has the best, light weight, user friendly equipment for use right from their very first lesson!

We will add a round up of the latest boards from both Goya & RRD that will be also be added to our fleet to be used both for windsurf lesson & windsurf equipment rental. If you want a sneak peak at the 2014 Goya ‘Surf’ boards we already have a 2014 202lt board in the school. Also check back to our windsurf equipment page regularly as we will be updating all the info & images as we take delivery of all the 2014 windsurf kit!

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