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Posted by on Jun 27, 2018 in Technique, Windsurfing News |

Learn to Windsurf Summer 2018 – fun in the sun!

The weather treats us with a truly great beginning to this summer. Learn to windsurf summer 2018… it’s a perfect time to try it out! Whether you’re proud parent who wants to treat the kids (and use the excuse to try themselves 🙂 ), want an adventure with your other half or were just interested in trying something new and exciting… we welcome everyone to come and learn to windsurf with us! To get you started this summer, check out our guide on the 5 Steps to Learn how to Windsurf!

learn to windsurf summer 2018

Beginners lessons – tame the board and start windsurfing!

Beginners Windsurf Courses this summer!

The best way to start is to go with our Full Beginners Course.  This course will allow you to have fun and quickly get windsurfing under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors! From the basics of the equipment and technique to practical tips and tricks on the water! On this course we aim to give you the skills and confidence to be able to hire a board yourself and continue to develop your windsurfing this summer! During the first 3 hours we will familiarise you with the equipment and teach the windsurf start position, a basic static 180 degree turn, the sailing position and elements of steering. This will set you on your way so you are happily windsurf along and get you hooked on the feeling of moving with nothing but wind power!


learn to windsurf summer 2018 windsurf course under way!

Instructors on duty – friendly, experienced, professional!

Whenever you’re ready for more, you can book the second part of the course at any time during the summer (or book the full course in advance to save £11 ;-). During the 3h of Part B of the course, you will learn how to steer the board and perform faster tacks so you can get exactly where you want to! Further, your instructor will show you sailing away from the wind and a quick turn called a gybe to give you a taste of speed!


Book now for this summer!

Come and join in the fun and learn to windsurf summer 2018 at the Poole Windsurfing School!

Poole Windsurfing - No 1 for Windsurfing Lessons & Equipment Hire in Poole Harbour


See you in the harbour!

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