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Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Travel |

Learning How To Windsurf In The UK

Ok, it’s not the Caribbean but the UK is a damn good place to learn how to windsurf! Whether you live here or are visiting on holiday, you can have a great time windsurfing in the UK. There are a few options to chose between when it comes to selecting a location for your windsurf lessons or equipment rental:

Inland Reservoir Windsurfing Location UK1. Inland reservoirs for windsurfing in the UK – these are usually man made and can have the convenience of being close to major cities. The problem with these locations is that the reservoirs are very deep with cold water, which doesn’t make learning very enjoyable. Getting cold & having to swim back to your kit every time you fall in is no fun and doesn’t make for a very relaxing experience when you are trying to learn how to windsurf in the UK!

Another issue with inland reservoirs is that the winds are usually very gusty and have a habit of shifting direction; two things you really do not want to have to deal with when learning how to windsurf in the UK. The reason for this is that by the nature of their location, the surrounding area is either obstructed by trees or buildings, both of which can cause the wind to shift direction & blow at inconsistent strengths.

A final point worth considering is that you often have to either pay a yearly membership fee or ‘launch fee’ just to be able to use an inland reservoir for windsurfing. Facilities are usually provided (toilets, changing rooms, cafe, club house) but you do have to pay a fair bit for the privilege!

Coastal Windsurfing Location UK2. Coastal locations for windsurfing in the UK – Windsurfing out on the open seas! On the plus side this can be very exciting and give a real sense of freedom. It can be great for those that really know what they are doing but for learning how to windsurf in the UK it brings up a few concerns. The water on the open seas can be quite choppy even on what seems like a calm day & trying to keep your balance on the board when learning is difficult enough on flat water! Also, you have the same issue as inland reservoirs in that once you set sail you get straight out of your depth. Falling in when you can’t stand up is a lot of hard work, which you could do without!

Windsurfing Near London3. Protected coastal locations for windsurfing in the UK – These ‘hybrid’ locations really are the best of both worlds and a place such as Poole Harbour should be your first choice when looking for somewhere to learn how to windsurf in the UK.

As a great example of a top place to learn how to windsurf in the UK, the Poole Windsurfing School operates in a designated area of Poole Harbour which is solely for the use of non powered craft, with shallow water that is protected on 3 sides and the prevailing wind coming cleanly across the bay! This means you get the benefit of an enclosed location with the added bonus of shallow water, making it no effort or stress when you fall in, as you can stand within your depth to recover before getting back on your windsurf board. Also, the shallow depth makes the water up to 5 degrees warmer than the open sea or cold inland reservoirs! The open side of the harbour still gives you the excitement of an pure coastal location, just without the rolling ocean swell to knock you off your windsurf board!

Really there is no doubt that a protected coastal location is THE place to learn how to windsurf in the UK and the Poole Windsurfing School at Poole Harbour is the No 1 choice. Located under 2 hours drive or easy train journey from London and with good access from other locations across the south of the UK it is hassle free to make a day trip or weekend windsurf adventure.

See you on the water soon!
Happy Windsurfing

Poole Windsurfing - No 1 for Windsurfing Lessons & Equipment Hire in Poole Harbour

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