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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Travel |

The Longest Windsurf Wave

Once in a while you just have to sit back and appreciate some of the awesome conditions you can be lucky enough to windsurf in. This wave, ridden by Goya Windsurfing Pro rider, Tato Molina is just insanely long and perfectly formed. Checkout the sail cam action in the following video and just remember this guy is traveling at speed along this wave and it still seems to last forever!

Maybe Peru (the location for this epic wave riding) should be on your wishlist of windsurfing destinations to sail at, it sure is for us after watching this wave riding action!

This clip sets the standard for future posts we will make, showcasing top notch windsurfing conditions in the form of short video clips & photos. Stay tuned to our blog for your windsurfing inspiration!

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