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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Windsurfing News |

Minds Wide Open – Latest Windsurfing Movie

The new windsurfing movie Minds Wide Open is a truly awesome achievement, bringing together all the current big guns in windsurfing, traveling to inspiring locations and being seamlessly bought together by producer Andre Paskowski. From the makers of the ground breaking windsurfing dvd Four Dimensions, here is a sneaky little clip from Minds Wide Open…

The producers of Minds Wide Open have this to say about their latest windsurf dvd…
“From the producers of Four Dimensions – prepare to join a bigger and better team on a new journey of breathtaking windsurfing action and cinematography. With a spectrum of mind-bending angles shot in stunning locations. It’s time to taste the future and keep your Minds Wide Open.”

The list of pro windsurfers in this movie points to the fact that the content is just going to be off the scale!
Ricardo Campello
Kauli Seadi
Philip Köster
Marcilio Browne
Gollito Estredo
Victor Fernandez

These are the guys that are pushing the limits of windsurfing right now in all disciplines (wave, freestyle and freestyle wave). They are the ones doing the biggest airs, sickist tricks and craziest wave riding on the planet.

The Minds Wide Open windsurf dvd combines the greatest progressive windsurfers with some really crisp and visually amazing footage taken at all the top windsurfing destinations. If you have watched the trailer above then you know that seeing the whole movie is a must!

Happy Windsurfing.

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