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Posted by on Jul 10, 2010 in Equipment, Windsurfing News |

North Windsurfing New Shock Absorbing Technology SHOX.XTR with SHOX.BASE

North are known for always coming up with the latest developments in windsurfing components. There was the ratchet Power XT mast extensions, designed to take all the effort out of rigging your sails (and make your wallet nice and light!).

Then came the iFront boom technology that markets as giving unique trimming & tuning capabilities. Including such features as ‘tool-less RDM adaptor’, ‘Auto-Close’ & ‘Rope Storage’. As the North website says “The brand-new iFRONT head is the first to offer an adjustment and tuning option that changes the overall characteristics of the boom, allowing for ideal adjustment to all conditions. This is made possible by the individually adjustable FLEX.CONTROLLER in three levels.”

This technology seems well suited to racing, using bigger sails (7m2 plus) where you want to crank up the setting to maximum stiffness!

Check the tech:
North Windsurf Boom Technology

Now, the latest to come out of the North Windsurfing technology farm is the Shox XTR. A Power XT that’s been taken to a whole new level of tech! A Power XT with an integrated high-end shock absorber. There is even an adjustable travel control level to set the shock absorber for different conditions.

North Windsurfing SHOX.XTR

According to North Windsurfing website…
“In the waves, firstly the SHOX.XTR dampens landings and delivers a new level of board control when going down-the-line.”

“Supports the pop in Freestyling by the rebound. In addition the damping improves reception on landings.

Check the tech:
North Windsurf Boom Technology
More North Windsurf Boom Technology

Another good idea but one that will definitely need to be tested out & like all the good technology it doesn’t come cheap!

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