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Posted by on Jun 18, 2010 in Equipment, Travel |

Finding The Right Personal Windsurf Insurance?

Some of our regular windsurfing students have asked about how & where to get personal windsurfing insurance cover.

As a windsurfer you are out there in the elements and things may not always go as planned! Good insurance cover makes sense. Firstly, windsurfing insurance cover to protect the equipment you own, covering against damage or theft. Also, windsurf insurance to protect yourself against any 3rd party claims arising out of any incidents out on the water, including damage to others & their equipment (boards, boats, yachts).

There are a few specialist insurers that deal with this kind of insurance:
1. The Royal Yachting Association – You must be a member of the RYA but then you automatically have 3rd party insurance cover – nice!

Taken from the RYA’s website – “If you nominate windsurfing as one of your boating interests when you join the RYA, you will automatically receive third party liability insurance for up to £2,000,000 covering your windsurfing activities absolutely free!”

They also have a deal going with a company called Bishop Skinner Marine, which has a range of insurance products that are available to RYA members at a discount. They say that “Whatever sort of boating you do, there is something for you!”

2. Bishop Skinner Marine – As stated before these guys are working together with the RYA to provide your insurance needs.

You could ‘top up’ your RYA third party liability insurance with a windsurfing equipment insurance policy from Bishop Skinner to cover accidental damage, loss & theft.

3. Noble Marine Insurance – Seem to provide everything you will need regarding windsurfing insurance, including a good amount of 3rd party liability cover & personal windsurfing equipment cover.

On their insurance quote page you can customise your package to give individual details on all the boards you own, a total value for all windsurfing equipment & choose the level of insurance you require.

4. Viking Insurance – A specialist company that seems to offer very competitive prices for even their comprehensive policies that include equipment damage & 3rd part liability cover.

A great feature of their insurance policies are that you get automatic worldwide windsurf cover for any trip up to 62 days at no extra cost.

Happy & Safe Windsurfing!

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