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Posted by on Apr 13, 2014 in Windsurfing News |

Pro Windsurfer Profiles – Meet the Legends of Windsurfing

Whether you are newcomer or a seasoned veteran it is fun to get the low down on who’s who in the sport of windsurfing! We have been running a series of blog posts on windsurfing legends both old and new over the past few years, giving in depth background info on their windsurfing achievements. We thought it would be good to make a quick round up of the essential info on some of the top windsurfing legends we have covered so far:

1. Windsurf Legend – Francisco Goya

Argentinian ex world champion windsurfer, Francisco Goya is one of the all time legends in windsurfing! Having successfully competed in the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) since 1994 and becoming PWA World Champion in 2000, he is now based on Maui, Hawaii where he runs his own windsurf equipment company, Goya Windsurfing. Checkout his full profile here: Windsurfing Legends – Francisco Goya

2. Windsurf Legend – Philip Köster

Young windsurfing sensation, Philip Köster is firmly placed to become a great windsurfing legend. His amazing results in the PWA Wave Tour, winning every single event he entered in the past season, have won him the title of PWA World Champion and a place as one of our ‘windsurfing legends’

Philip hit the international windsurf scene in a big way when he won the Red Bull Big Day event in 2008 and was crowned PWA Pozo Wave Champion in 2009. In the same year he was also named Rookie of the Year and won the German Wave Championships. Ranking third overall in PWA Wave for 2010, he followed up by becoming the 2011 PWA Wave World Champion, all this while still just 17 years old! Checkout his full profile here: Windsurfing Legends – Philip Köster

3. Windsurf Legend – Brian Talma

Known as Brian ‘Irie Man’ Talma or ‘De Action Man’ – a legendary waterman from Barbados. Brain Talma has been an accomplished pro windsurfer, placing highly in many PWA world tour events and now Brian Talma a.k.a de Action Man is a valued member of the Naish Windsurfing and SUP team. Brian Talma has always been a great spokesperson for the sport of windsurfing, one such example being his involvement in the ‘ProKids’ event. The following is taken from an interview with Windsurfing Magazine, the full interview of which can been read here.. Windsurfing Legends – Brian Talma

4. Windsurf Legend – Jason Polakow

As the PWA sailor profile states:
For over 20 years, Jason Polakow has attracted international acclaim as one of the world’s best wave sailors. In particular, Jason is renowned for his wave riding ability, which he is widely considered to be one of the best of all time. Jason first rose to prominence in windsurfing establishing a whole new style and direction in wave-sailing that redefined the sport early in his career.

In 1990, Polakow won every event he entered, beating Windsurfing’s timeless superstar, Robby Naish at the Marui/O’Neill World Cup Grand Slam event that April at Ho’okipa, in Naish’s backyard. “That was such a classic big Hawaiian day. I was unranked. It was such a high to beat someone I idolize,” he recalls. He finished with a Professional Windsurfing Association number two ranking.

Oh….and if all that wasn’t enough he owns JP Australia, one of the most successful windsurf board brands there has ever been! Windsurfing Legends – Jason Polakow

5. Windsurf Legend – Robby Naish

Pictures paint a thousand words & one of the all time classic windsurfing films, RIP sums up just how good Robby Naish was & still is!

One of the greatest windsurfers of all time…

Naish won the Overall World Champion title from 1983 to 1987, and the Wave World Champion title in 1988, 1989, and 1991. He was renowned for his ‘Table Top’ and ‘Forward Loop’ moves. Adding to his fame was his ‘Longboard Loop’, where he forward looped the 3.72m long Mistral Equipe. As an international sports celebrity, Naish has been featured in numerous films, videos, news reports, and articles. As of 2006, thirty years after his first World Champion title, he now has his own Naish brand of windsurfing equipment marketed worldwide. Windsurfing Legends – Robby Naish

Basically, Robby Naish IS windsurfing!

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