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Posted by on May 1, 2014 in Windsurfing News |

Redbull – Forecasting the Perfect Swell At Jaws, Hawaii

Checkout this short video clip from Redbull, as they aim to forecast monster swell ready for their ‘Jaws – Paddle At Peahi‘ surf contest. It gives a great insight as to how swells build (starting all the way back in Japan) then track across the ocean to hit the shores of Maui, Hawaii. There is also some great footage direct from the action at the world famous break known as ‘Jaws’. It’s a unique wave that can hold up to an epic size and yet still actually break in both directions with ride-able tubes! All the worlds top surfers and windsurfers want to prove themselves in this world renowned wave spot that was put on the windsurfing map by legendary windsurfer, Robby Naish.

Inspiration from the epicentre of windsurfing, Jaws (Peahi) Maui, Hawaii.

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