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Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Windsurfing News |

Robby Naish Makes Cover Of Standup Paddle Magazine

Check out this epic cover shot of legendary waterman, Robby Naish! Not only is he one of the all time great windsurfers, he is also a founder of the sport of kitesurfing and an amazing surfer. Basically if there is an extreme watersport, Robby is a going to be a master of it!

Maybe the most incredible thing is that Robby Naish has actually recently turned 50 years of age! Just goes to show that if you lead the right lifestyle you can still have a body of a 30 year old & be doing just as much extreme sports when most are starting to think about retirement!

Robby Naish Standup Paddle Magazine For all those that are office bound & set in a routine of work followed by going to the pub or just vegging out on the sofa this should be a real wake up call to get out there and do something physical, get yourself involved in a watersport, take some windsurfing lessons and get ready to be amazed at the changes you will feel to your fitness and general well being! For more inspiration from Robby, checkout our blog post ‘Windsurfing Legends – Robby Naish‘.

It’s great to get out on the water and with summer coming there is never a better time to take up a new sport like windsurfing! You could end up being the next Robby Naish at 50!

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