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Posted by on Jan 9, 2010 in Travel | 4 comments

Why is Sandbanks Windsurfing so Good?

You may have heard of Sandbanks, in Poole, Dorset before? Probably not because of its great windsurfing but more likely because of the hype & fame surrounding its multi-million pound properties that line Poole Harbour & the Sandbanks peninsular. Maybe you have even heard of the world class fine sandy beaches that stretch for 7 miles from Sandbanks all the way past Bournemouth, Boscombe & on to Hengistbury Head.


More importantly than any of the above is that it is an amazingly good windsurfing location! The actual main place for Sandbanks windsurfing is in Poole Harbour. Literally, a stones throw across the Sandbanks peninsular, Poole Harbour offers an exceptional location to learn to windsurf. For more detail on what exactly makes the Sandbanks area such a great UK windsurfing location have a read of another post called Our local windsurfing spot – Poole Harbour.

Basically, for those looking to take beginners windsurfing lessons there really isn’t a better place to learn to windsurf than in Poole Harbour. At Poole Windsurfing we teach in the safe, shallow waters of Poole Harbour & combined with the latest windsurfing equipment, learning is a smooth & enjoyable process!

Even for students that have learnt the basics elsewhere have been amazed at how much better it is to windsurf with us in Poole Harbour. Intermediate windsurfing skills such as beach starts & harness are quickly learn when you can choose the depth of water you windsurf in, knowing that when you fall in or need a break you can just stand up & recover! With a gradual shelving seabed there is nowhere quite like Poole Harbour for progressing your beachstarts into the advanced windsurfing skill of waterstarts. When trying your 1st few waterstarts just out of your depth, if you don’t make it the wind will quickly drift you back into shallower water where you can do a chest deep beach start.

The sandbanks windsurfing location is unique because of the close proximity of both windsurfing in a protected coastal location, Poole Harbour & that of the open sea, Sandbanks and the 7 mile stretch of beach. This means you can learn to windsurf on beginners windsurfing lessons & progress through the intermediate windsurfing stages in the safety of Poole Harbour. When your skills have be well practiced you can then start to venture out on the sea front to make the most of the wind & waves at one of the many great windsurfing locations along this stretch of the UK’s coastline.

Even for the advanced windsurfer, coming back into Poole Harbour can be a really good way to master those carve gybes or freestyle tricks such as Volcans, Spocks, Grubby’s, etc. You just choose the depth of water to windsurf in so, whenever you crash you can stand there & figure out what went wrong, catch your breath and just hop straight back on your board. The fact that you are within your own depth makes learning new windsurfing moves so much faster!

Sandbanks windsurfing is some of the best the UK has to offer – hope to see you here!

Poole Windsurfing - No 1 for Windsurfing Lessons & Equipment Hire in Poole Harbour

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  1. Hello:

    I am argentinean, living in London just for an year. Of course that I do windsurf. What I would like to know is when is the best season to sail there.
    I have a starboard kode 103 lts an two sail 5.3 and 6.1.
    Is that ok to sail there or are they too big or too small?



  2. Hi Jorge,
    In terms of temperature – May to October makes for comfortable windsurfing conditions.
    Early & late season can be the best times for stronger winds, although we do get some very nice sea breezes high summer, in the afternoons!

    Your Starboard 103lt should be a good size for the majority of conditions we get here at Poole Harbour. If you do need something with a little more float for marginal days we have RRD 148lt & 158lt Evolution windsurf boards, which are great for smooth carve gybes!

    Your 5.3m & 6.1m sails will cover most wind ranges & again, we hire a fleet of Goya windsurfing sails from 4.5m up to 6.5m all rigging on carbon RDM (Reduced Diameter Masts).

    Come on down when the season kicks off & if you need to rent anything all our windsurfing equipment will be brand new 2011 from Goya & RRD windsurfing.
    Hope to see you some time over the coming season.


  3. Hi – I am a mature woman wishing to find another more suitable sport (changing from skiing) and recently introduced to windsurfing in warmer climes. I am confident on the board and wish to continue to have lessons in UK. I have a few questions – can you cater for the mature student? And do your windusrf school provide all the gear ie board etc, shoes and wet suit? And how do I contact you by phone?

  4. Hi there,

    Yes, we cater for all ages & you will be fine to join in on a beginners windsurfing course. Everything you need is included in the above prices (on land simulator sessions, windsurf equipment, wetsuits, shoes, buoyancy aids, harnesses). For this season we have brand new equipment, from boards & sails through to wetsuits & buoyancy aids.

    If you want to ask any questions feel free to call or send an e-mail using the contact details below.
    To book lessons/hire we ask for a card payment over the telephone to secure your place in the diary.

    Our telephone number is: 01202 237247