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Posted by on Oct 10, 2014 in Equipment, Windsurfing News |

Sneak Peak at 2015 Goya Windsurfing Range

It’s that time of year when we all start to get excited about next seasons windsurf kit. Here at the Poole Windsurfing School we have already placed our order for the new 2015 Goya Windsurfing kit and can tell you, it’s all looking pretty damn sweet!

Goya Windsurfing – 2015 Sail Range

Checkout the new 2015 Goya Guru sails…
2015 Goya Guru Windsurf Sail

The new Guru is the evolution of a classic design. Smooth and easy power delivery, great low end power, easily neutralized. Soft and light feeling allow for long sailing sessions without fatigue. For all wave and wave style sailing conditions- from down the line waves to onshore waves and free wave style sailing. The PVC window provides life long clarity, and also gives a smooth feeling to the sail. The Guru features our most durable sail construction and is well suited to sailors of lighter weight in strong and gusty wind conditions looking for ultimate comfort and control.

The Goya Fringe Pro…
2015 Goya Fringe Pro

Also, Goya have bought out a radical new 3 batten wave sail called the ‘Fringe’ – definitely got to try this one out and see how it performs! The idea behind it is to create a super lightweight sail for easy handling through radical maneuvers. It delivers excellent low end power and a very flexible “up” lift gets you moving and keeps you loose and incredibly reactive on the water. The Fringe comes with a large monofilm window for easy visibility through the sail. A new carbon stretch control layout provides excellent stability through a big wind range. The Fringe is a very progressive wave sail targeting riders looking for great low end, great range and effortless handling in the most radical conditions.

Goya Windsurfing – 2015 Board Range

2015 Goya Custom Quad Windsurf BoardGoya Custom Quad Pro…
Here’s what FRANCISCO has to say about the Custom: “A whole new level of excitement! Really these are the words that come mind as I’m riding the new CUSTOM for the first time. I feel so much more connected to the whole board, it’s fast and intuitive to the point that I wonder if I even need footstraps. I have never experience the similarities to surfing as I have with these new shapes.”

The nose on the new CUSTOM is slightly narrower, just as on surfboards, where the narrower nose allows you to get closer into the wave and its curves. It’s a very compact board with a faster progressive rocker that keeps you driving forward at all times. We suggest you pick one size bigger than your normal choice as the new CUSTOM feels very small, and a higher volume will allow you to go for it with a smaller sail, making it that much more enjoyable.

Carrera Pro…
2015 Goya Carrera Windsurf Board“With 116 to 130 to 144 liters the CARRERA shapes cover all bases from rough seas to lighter winds and calmer lake conditions. The most distinguishing differentiation of these new boards is the incorporation of the most advanced carbon weaves, literally changing the DNA of anything a Goya Freeride or Freerace board has ever been.” What more can we possibly add to such words by FRANCISCO.

The CARRERA turns every little gust into forward acceleration. Still, through the double concave V bottom it remains neutral and easy to ride through even heavy chop. These boards have the widest range of possible conditions of any board in the Goya range.

Goya Surf…
2015 Goya Surf Windsurf Board The focus of the SURF is a stable, fun and predictable ride. All riders will immediately feel at home on the SURF. From kids to heavier riders, from family members learning to windsurf to stand up paddle pioneers, these boards offer a steady ride and are being used in clubs and centers around the world.

The SURF allows anyone a fast entry into the windsurfing feeling and permits riders to keep improving on the same board for a long time. Getting in the straps, jibing, trimming upwind or racing downwind. The SURF 202 features a fully retractable Allgaier® dagger board for maximized stability.

The Goya Surf is by far the best beginner to improver windsurf board available and that’s why we use them in the Poole Windsurfing School.

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