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Posted by on Jul 20, 2019 in Travel |

TOP 5 Things To Do in Sandbanks!

When you’re in Sandbanks on a bright summer’s day it it is easy to feel like you’re on a tropical island! Surrounded by water on all sides, the little piece of paradise offers so many activities to choose from. Here’s our top 5 picks on things to do in Sandbanks!

1. Endless Golden Beaches

One of the best things to do in Sandbanks is to take advantage of the 7 mile long Blue Flag beach. If you love sunbathing and having fun on the beach, you’ve come to the right place! The area has something to accommodate any and all beachgoers, regardless of their preference! Love going to the arcade, sipping drinks on the beach and listening to the tunes? You’ll feel right at home anywhere between Bournemouth and Sandbanks. However, if you’re after a day closer to the nature, our next tip is for you!

An aerial shot of Sandbanks - between the Harbour and the Sea!
|Hop-on Bus Tours|

2. Hop on the Chain Ferry!

Bramble Bush Bay chain ferry leaving Sandbanks for Studland

At the far end of Sandbanks, you’ll find a particularly interesting way to travel – a chain ferry! A short ride on the Bramble Bush Bay vessel opens up a whole world of possibilities. And all that for just a couple of pounds!

For those looking for a getaway close to nature, the beautiful beaches of Shell Bay and Studland offer a secluded experience of natural beauty. The Studland Bay is looked after by the National Trust, which only goes to show just how special of a place it is!

Knoll beach, Studland
|National Trust|

The chain ferry is also the best and fastest way to get to Swanage to get a taste of a small-seaside village and see the Old Harry Rocks in all their glory!

3. A trip to Brownsea Island

Right next to where the ferry leaves from lays the transport to our next excursive idea: an island hop to Brownsea Island. The isolated piece of land is a paradise for people looking for an outdoor adventure. The island is sure to amaze anyone from a birdwatcher to a casual camper. All thanks to its plentiful and diverse wildlife!

One of the things to do in Sandbanks is to... get away from Sandbanks for the night! Brownsea Island's eco camping.
Eco adventure camping !
|National Trust|

Into theatre and Shakespeare? You’d be surprised to hear, the little island just next to Sandbanks has something to offer for you too! The Brownsea Open Air Theatre is the prime venue for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s outdoor plays. This year, you can join them between Wednesday 24th July – Friday 9th August for the breathtaking premiere of Richard III.

4. Water sports in Poole Harbour!

And while all the previous activities are fun, frying on the beach, appreciating nature and sightseeing might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Looking for things to do in Sandbanks that will be fun and will keep you fit? This is the one for you!

Beginners lessons – tame the board and start windsurfing!
Poole Windsurfing

For example, a full beginners windsurfing course only takes two afternoons and gets you up and running into a new sport! Poole Windsurfing provides everything you need for a fun weekend of water, sun and wind! With the entire school dedicated to windsurfing, great equipment and instructors and the perfect conditions in the UK’s no. 1 location it could not be easier. Among many other things to do in Sandbanks, this is definitely not one to miss!

One of the things to do in Sandbanks - a Poole Windsurfing session!

5. Grab a bite to eat!

All that windsurfing, walking, and swimming is sure to make you starving. But don’t worry, Sandbanks has got you covered! Whether you fancy the fanciest of the fanciest fine dining at Rick Stein or a relaxed lunch at the Jazz Cafe, there will be something for everyone!

Jazz Caffe - a music and food venue in the heart of Sandbanks!
Jazz Cafe, as the name implies, also organises regular live jazz concerts!

Other options for a casual snack include many kiosks placed along the seafront, serving seaside holiday classics such as baps, crisps and ice-cream! The only question remaining is: with or without a flake?

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