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Posted by on Jul 1, 2010 in Windsurfing News | 2 comments

Ultimate Wind & Weather Forecast For Poole Harbour

Essential wind & weather forecast websites for Poole Harbour. An up to date list of all the best websites for checking out everything from wind strength & wind direction to knowing the % could cover & checking out all the Poole Harbour windsurfing action with a live feed!

If you know where to look then there is a whole world of information available for checking out the weather forecast for Poole Harbour. Wind forecasts specifically for Poole Harbour that include as much or as little data as you require.

Top 3 Wind & Weather Forecasts For Poole Harbour

1. WindGuru – One of the original global wind & weather forecast wesbites and still one of the best for a local wind forecast here at Poole Harbour. The link will take you directly to the Poole Harbour wind & weather forecast page (although you can use WindGuru for practically any well know windsurfing location worldwide).

WindGuru Poole Harbour

You get more than the usual 5 day weather forecast for Poole, WindGuru gives you upto an 8 day wind forecast that includes such data as wind strength, wind direction, temperature, cloud cover & rainfall. A nice feature is the special WindGuru ‘star rating’ for when you just want a quick indicator of when it’s next going to be windy!

When you look at the wind forecast page you will notice that if you scroll down there are in fact 3 different weather forecasts for Poole Harbour. This is something to do with forecast ‘resolution’, each of the 3 forecasts have a particular level of geographical coverage or ‘resolution’. Technical stuff but basically the 1st forecast at the top of the page will give a more averaged prediction and from experience is the one that gives the most accurate of wind/weather forecasts for Poole Harbour.

2. Windfinder – Maybe a more basic wind & weather forecast website than WindGuru & not dedicated to only Poole Harbour but it still has an 8 day weather forecast. Windfinder includes all the essential data: wind direction, wind speed, cloud cover & temperature.

Windfinder Poole Harbour

The wind speed is displayed in an easy to read visual bar chart system & a nice extra is a simple to read wave height & wave period forecast for the Bournemouth / Poole Harbour locations.

3. XC Weather – Provides the basic wind & weather data in a simple to read 6 day weather forecast for Poole.

XCWeather Poole Harbour

A really nice feature is actually back on the main XC Weather webpage. You can roll your pointer over the map of the UK to get instant wind & weather forecast information displayed to you. Great for tracking where the weather is coming from & going to when trying to plan your day of windsurfing. This feature also includes some useful additional ‘offshore’ marker locations such as the Solent.

You can also zoom in using the ‘Forecast Maps’ feature to get the same roll over wind forecast but at much more detailed location points – very nice!

XC Weather even has a page where you can play a wind animation which you can use to track what has happened & help predict the future – now there’s a good skill, predicting the future!

Top 2 Live Wind & Weather Feeds For Poole Harbour

1. Poole Harbour Weather – Located at a top secret (well maybe not to us) location right here at Poole Harbour, this website has been spitting out a live feed both of weather statistics & a multi angle, user adjustable webcam showing all the windsurfing action in Poole Harbour for some time now!

Poole Harbour Live Weather

The live feed is good for double checking that it really is windy before you make a frantic drive down to the harbour. Nothing worse than getting all psyched up for a good windsurfing session only to arrive to no wind!

What I really love about the Poole Harbour Weather site is the live weather statistics, sad I know but you get sooo much information about what is going on right now at Poole Harbour. The best feature has to be the ‘Graph’ button, which brings up a menu from which you can choose wind speed, wind direction, temperature, etc, etc and then look at a graph of the live feed, last hour, last 24 hours & even the last 31 days of activity!

2. In The Elements -The new kid on the ‘Live Weather – Poole Harbour’ scene and doing a very nice job of it too! A no fuss webcam & the bonus of website that also has lots of other useful watersports info, including a place to buy and sell equipment.

Poole Harbour Webcam

They combine a super smooth auto panning webcam of the Poole Harbour windsurfing location with a summary display of the latest from the WindGuru website.

A great instant check on what the wind is doing down here at Poole Harbour!

With so much wind & weather forecast information to look at you just need to remember to make time to get down to Poole Harbour & us at Poole Windsurfing to actually go windsurfing!

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