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Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Equipment, Technique | 2 comments

Everything About Windsurf Board Repairs

Repairing a damaged windsurf board is no easy task unless you have the right tools & know how. One website that really goes into all the detail you would ever need is

The best place to start with learning how to repair a windsurf board is to understand how they are constructed, that way you know what it is you will be dealing with before you actually start digging around a repair. Get to know everything from the “EPS” expanded polystyrene cores right through to the reinforcements of either fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar® or combinations thereof. The ‘board lady’ has a page dedicated to board construction right here: Windsurf Board Construction.

A cross section of a modern windsurf board construction

You can get a menu to access information about everything from the tools required to adding non-skid to your finished product…Windsurf Board Repair Menu.

Windsurf Repair

A good example of the basic steps involved in repairing a damaged windsurf board can be seen in this visual YouTube clip:

Happy repairing and happy windsurfing!

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  1. Good evening
    Yesterday I managed to drop the pin that secures the mast foot into the track when separating the mast from my board. It had been secured but best laid plans etc.
    I have an old F2 Comet and now need to find another.
    It’s not a big part but the Achilles heal of my board
    Any help in locating where I can buy another greatly received.

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.
    I would try one of the big windsurf retailers, such as
    They usually have lots of weird & wonderful older bits of windsurf equipment that they accumulate over the years!

    Good luck.