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Windsurf Hire

Go to Poole Windsurfing for the cheapest, quality windsurf hire in Poole Harbour

Windsurf hire is available from us in Poole Harbour. It could be your next step after beginner windsurfing lessons to practice what you’ve learnt. Windsurf rental is also a great way to spend a hot summers day cruising around Poole harbour with a group of friends. Our windsurf hire fleet consists of the latest windsurf equipment to give you the best experience for learning & progressing!

The windsurf hire fleet at Poole Windsurfing

A range of boards & sails covering beginners through to those aspiring to carve gybes. All sails (even beginners) rig exclusively on Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM’s). All booms have articulating front ends for ultimate adjustment/fit. Top quality wetsuits from Billabong, Helly Hansen buoyancy aids & wetsuit shoes. Mast base protectors are fitted as standard to prevent you from stubbing your feet. We really have thought of all those little extras that people wish windsurf hire centres would provide!

For a detailed description of what is in our windsurf hire fleet & to see some pictures of the equipment, have a look on our Windsurfing Equipment Page.

Windsurf Hire Prices

The best windsurf hire prices bought to you by Poole Windsurfing at Poole Harbour

Our pricing is divided into 2 clear categories of beginner/improver equipment & advanced equipment. All rental prices include board, rig, wetsuit, shoes, harness (if necessary), buoyancy aids & some friendly advice thrown in for free!

  • Beginner/Improver equipment: £15 per hour
  • Advanced equipment: £20 per hour
  • Cheapest, quality windsurf hire in Poole Harbour

Hire Cards – the cheapest way to rent kit

Promotion for £50 off windsurf hire in Poole Harbour, making the best price even cheaper - Poole Windsurfing

The best way to really progress in windsurfing is with regular practice. Our hire cards give the absolute cheapest way to maximise your time out on the water. They are valid for one year from the date of purchased.

  • Beginner/Improver Hirecard: £100
  • Advanced Hirecard: £150

If you are worried about whether or not you will use them up, five 2 hour sessions is all it takes – time flies when you are having fun! The windsurf hire cards are extremely cheap, hence their use is strictly limited to one person.

Need some help? Our Lesson Options

Enjoying beginners windsurfing lessons & learning all the core skills

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons

Best tuition & equipment at competitive prices. 3 Hour Taster Lesson for £45 or Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £79

beach starting, harness & footstraps on an improvers windsurfing lessons

Improver Windsurfing Lessons

Mastered the basics, want to move on? Next level of windsurf tuition, 2 Hour Lesson for £50 or 2×2 Hour Lessons for £100

Advanced windsurfing lesson taking your skills to the next level

Advanced Windsurfing Lessons

From cracking carve gybes to landing Vulcan’s and everything in between! 1 to 1 tuition for £35 per hour

One to one private windsurfing lessons to solve any windsurf technique problem

Private Windsurfing Lessons

Offering you a one to one solution to any windsurfing problem. Our personalised windsurf tuition costs £35 per hour

Tailored kids beginners windsurfing lessons in small groups just for kids

Kids Windsurfing Lessons (Under 13)

Tailored to make learning easy & fun. 2 Hour Kids Taster Lesson for £35 or Kids Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £59

I have tried all the hire centres in Poole Harbour & Poole Windsurfing are by far the best on quality of service & price.

– Chris Taylor

Purchase Options: Call 01202 237247 or Buy Online

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