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Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Technique |

Brush Up On Your Skills With A Windsurf Refresher Course

Refresher Windsurf Course Summer time is on its way and the Poole Windsurfing School is all set to open on the 1st May, so why not get yourself back into windsurfing with a refresher course?

Whether you came on a full beginners windsurfing course last summer or are just a little rusty with your basic skills, a refresher course is a great way to kick start your summer of windsurfing! We cover all the basics of windsurfing at the start of the lesson, in the form of a quick dry land simulator session. The instructor will remind you of the ‘Start Position’, ‘Static 180’ and ‘Sailing Position’ along with a recap of how to steer (pretty essential for avoiding other windsurfers!). These skills alone will get you back out there on the water with the confidence to look after yourself and not feel nervous with your windsurfing.

After recapping the basic windsurf skills, we move on to a summary of the more advanced beginners skills of ‘Upwind & Tacking’ and ‘Downwind & Gybing’. Getting a reminder on how to windsurf upwind is essential to your enjoyment of the sport, as without it you can struggle to return to the point at which you started – if you remember your first few sessions on the water there is the dreaded sideways drift that results in a long walk back to your start position ;-). The good news is that with a few tips to refresh those upwind sailing skills you will be charging back and forth safe in the knowledge that you can always zigzag back upwind should you get a bit of drift happening!

The final part of this windsurf refresher course is to get you sailing back downwind with control and performing the flowing turn know as a gybe. Mastering upwind & tacking gives you the green light to play with sailing back downwind, learning how to gybe.

Our refresh windsurf course is perfect for anyone who has taken beginners windsurfing lessons with us over the past few years, someone who is self taught but wants to iron out their technique with a good understanding of the basics or anyone who has had lessons elsewhere but feels they didn’t quite get the tuition they were hoping for.

Hope to see you all in the coming summer months and Happy Windsurfing!

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