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FAQ’s About Learning How To Windsurf & Our Windsurfing Centre

Click on heading text for more info & click on questions for useful answers to any questions you may have about learning how to windsurf.

  1. All about our windsurf school & lessons

    Everything you need to know about what we offer.

    Q.1 Is windsurfing for me?

    YES! It’s its fun, great fitness training without feeling like its a chore. You can socialize, work on your tan, have a laugh & feel great about yourself! The other good news is learning how to windsurf has got a lot easier in the last few years, with developments in equipment & teaching techniques.

    Q.2 Why book my lessons with Poole Windsurfing?

    What makes you stand out from the other schools in the area? We take pride in being an independent windsurf school that can offer small group tuition to a very high teaching standard, with lots of time for each student. Our small group, personalized windsurfing tuition is always with the same experienced instructors & using the latest equipment to make learning how to windsurf easy.

    Our business is built largely on word of mouth & repeat students who love their first beginners lessons and keep coming back to us, using our windsurf hire scheme to practice the basics and then taking more lessons to move up through the various levels of windsurfing. Plus, we are one of the most competitively priced windsurf schools in the area!

    Q.3 Where is your windsurfing school located – how do I find you?

    We are based at Poole Harbour, minutes from Bournemouth & close to London. Dorset windsurfing, the Bournemouth beaches, Poole Harbour & the Sandbanks watersports areas are some of the best our country has to offer. For an interactive map & our ‘Door to Door’ directions go to our How to Find Us page.

    Q.4 Can I hear what past students have to say about Poole Windsurfing & the lessons you run?

    We are proud to share the comments made by our students – go to our Testimonials page to here what they have to say about learning how to windsurf with us. Our business is built largely on word of mouth & repeat students who love their first beginners lessons and keep coming back to us, using our windsurf hire scheme to practice the basics and then taking more lessons to move up through the various levels of windsurfing.

    Q.5 What is Poole Harbour like as a teaching venue?

    Our lessons take place in the safe, shallow waters of Poole Harbour, the No 1 windsurfing location in the UK! Once you progress, you can also utilise the sandbanks watersports area, windsurfing Bournemouth beaches & beyond. Dorset windsurfing is some of the best the country has to offer for all skill levels.

    Q.6 From what age do you teach children?

    The deciding factor is if they have the strength to pull the junior sails out of the water, usually this is somewhere around 8 years old. All junior windsurfing equipment is specially dedicated to be light weight & maneuverable which makes learning how to windsurf easy for kids.

    Children over approx. 12 years old are usually fine to join in on an adult course. Younger than 12 years old & we run kids lessons on a 1 to 1 private lesson basis as we need to tailor the teaching structure to suit their age. We hold a license issued by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), enabling us to teach under 18’s without a parent being present for their windsurfing lessons.

  2. The booking process

    Everything you need to know from enquiring about learning how to windsurf, making a booking through to checking what you need to bring for your lesson.

    Q.1 How do I make a booking?

    The simple 3 step booking process is explained on our ‘How To Book‘ page.

    Q.2 What if I am not sure what level windsurfer I am or what type of course would be best to book?

    Just phone or email us (using the contact details found at the top of every page) to have a chat about where you are at with your windsurfing and what course would best suit you. It is always good to find out a little about your windsurfing history (if any) so that we can book you the right type of windsurfing lessons.

    Q.3 What if I just want windsurf hire?

    All windsurf hire is best pre-booked so that you know the kit will be rigged, ready & waiting for you. By pre-booking we can also talk over what type of board/sail you need & what conditions would suit your ability level – all so you get maximum benefit from your time out on the water! The simple 3 step booking process is explained on our ‘How To Book‘ page.

    Q.4 Do you run lessons for stag/hen groups or as corporate events?

    Yes – we can create a great event that everyone remember & talk about. A group windsurfing lesson makes a really different day out from all the run of the mill stag/hen & corporate events. We also give 1 place free to any booking of 5 or more people! Have a read on either our Stag Do & Hen Party Windsurfing page or the Corporate Windsurfing Events page for more information about what we can offer for your big day out.

    Q.5 What do I need to do once I have made a booking?

    We will send out a ‘Welcome Pack’ via email. This will include everything you need to know about what to bring, where to meet & what to expect from your lesson/hire. If you still have any questions after reading though the Welcome Pack just give us a call or drop us an email.

  3. Step by Step Progress

    How we can help after your lesson

    Q.1 What should I do after my first lesson?

    Your next step after beginners windsurfing lessons is to practice what you’ve learnt. The best way to consolidate what you have been taught is with some regular practice out on the water. About 10 hours is a minimum amount of practice time before you will be ready to take your windsurfing to the next level. For this we offer a discounted 10 hour windsurf hire card which is just stamped off by the hour, making our already cheapest hire in Poole Harbour even cheaper!

    After your practice hours you should then be ready for another lesson, to move your windsurfing to the next level. Either join our improver windsurfing lessons or have 1 to 1 private tuition with our private windsurfing lessons to really accelerate your learning!

    Q.2 What should I do if I feel like I need a refresher of the windsurfing basics?

    If you just feel a little rusty on the basics of windsurfing, the best approach is to come on the 2nd half of one of our Beginners Windsurfing Courses. This will give you a recap on the basics so that you are then confident to hire windsurfing equipment from us & get out on the water to practice for a while before taking your next lesson.

    Q.3 What can you offer someone who is already windsurfing but just needs some guidance?

    We have many people come to us who are self taught & have been windsurfing for years but are now just stuck in a rut, not being able to break through a key stage in the learning process. Depending on your level we would suggest Improver Windsurfing Lessons, Advanced Windsurfing Lessons or Private Windsurfing Lessons.

    By breaking the advanced stages of windsurfing into easily digestible modules & using video coaching when necessary, we can have you leaping ahead to a whole new level of windsurfing & making progress that would have taken years on your own!

    Q.4 Where can I get advice about buying equipment of my own?

    Even when you are no long being taught at our windsurf school we are always happy to help & advise if you happen to be coming for a sail.

    Also, regularly check our Top Windsurfing Tips & Latest Windsurfing News for all things windsurfing: Provides news, reviews, advice & discussions. Tips on techniques, bargain buys, travel destinations & equipment reviews. Regular how-to articles, video posts & latest windsurfing news – weekly summary.