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Our Windsurfing Equipment

Being the only truly dedicated & retail independent windsurf school that offers windsurfing lessons & equipment hire in Poole Harbour, the No 1 windsurfing location in the UK, means we are committed to supplying only the best quality windsurfing equipment for all our students.

Learning to windsurf with old equipment can be a slow process. At Poole Windsurfing, even beginners like me get the chance to use the latest technology equipment. My windsurfing has improved no end as a result

– Jon Marshall

Brand New Billabong Wetsuits, RRD Windsurf Boards & Goya Windsurf SailsBrand New Billabong Wetsuits & Goya Windsurfing BoardsBrand new windsurfing equipment used at Poole Windsurfing

For the current summer season we have brand new equipment, from boards & sails through to wetsuits & buoyancy aids. With complete freedom to choose who supplies our windsurf school, we use windsurfing brands & windsurfing equipment that are right for you – the windsurfing student!

As an example, Poole Windsurfing is the only windsurf school in the area to use Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM’s) exclusively throughout their school, making the equipment lighter & easier to handle. A dedicated windsurfing school with all new equipment makes for a great learning environment!

Let’s run through exactly what we have waiting for you to use at the Poole Windsurfing school…

All the latest 2022 windsurfing equipment will be unwrapped this coming spring at the Poole Windsurfing School. Each year we take delivery of brand new windsurfing equipment from Goya Windsurfing, RRD, Amex, Billabong and Pat Love. This year is no exception, with the latest 2022 windsurfing boards and sails from Goya Windsurfing & RRD being prepared for you. Its early days at the moment, so we don’t have pictures of the rigged kit but thought everyone would be keen to get a sneak preview of some of the brand new windsurf boards & sails that we will have this summer season:

2022 Windsurfing Equipment Lessons and Rental

1. 2022 Goya Surf 200lt Beginners Windsurf Board: The Goya Surf is such a great beginners windsurfing board that can take every rider through the early stages of windsurfing and into learning the intermediate skills.

2. 2022 Goya Surf Beginners Windsurf Sails: The 2022 Goya Surf is a perfect windsurf sail for all those taking beginners windsurfing lessons. With full dacron panels, reinforced perimeter, integrated mast pad, and indestructible Ever Clear window. Lightweight and durable make for easy windsurfing for those learning to windsurf.

3. 2022 Goya Guru Improver to Advanced Windsurf Sails: The 2022 Goya Guru offers unbeatable high wind comfort and control, flexible feeling and smooth, forward driving power delivery. Finger tip handling and and easily neutralized in transitions. We will be using these sails when teaching improver to advanced windsurfing lessons and will be available in our fleet of advanced windsurf hire equipment.

4. 2022 Goya Nexus Improver to Advanced Windsurf Sails: The 2022 Goya Nexus is a No-Cam Freeride & Freerace sail that supplies the maximum of power, speed and control in the Goya Sail range. The Goya Nexus is pure performance and will be ready for your use on windsurfing courses and advanced windsurf equipment rental at the Poole Windsurfing School.

5. 2022 RRD Easyride 180lt Beginners Windsurf Board: The RRD Easyride Softskin windsurf boards have a short length and the wide outline which in the 180lt size is great for light weight beginners or those looking to progress onto improver techniques such as harness, beach start, faster tacks/gybes, even getting planing & into the footstraps!

6. 2022 RRD Evolution 135lt & 155lt Improver to Advanced Windsurf Boards: The balanced mix between floatation and performance makes the RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V4 S 135lt and RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V4 M 155lt the perfect boards to progress your windsurfing skills from improver to advanced. These are THE windsurf board to learn how to carve gybe on, being super easy to initiate and hold a carve on. As well as for use on improver windsurfing courses to advanced windsurfing courses, these boards will also be a part of our improver to advanced windsurf hire fleet.

Windsurf Boards

Goya Surf 200lt Beginners Windsurf Board

The All New Goya Surf 200lt Beginners Windsurfing Board

A really well proportioned & well thought out beginner/improver windsurfing board from Goya Windsurfing. Great volume distribution, full soft deck, carry handles, retractable dagger board & very sleek!

Brand New RRD Easyride 180lt Windsurf Board

The Latest RRD Easyride 180lt Windsurf Board

Fantastic beginner/improver windsurf board by RRD. 1st time on the water at the Poole Windsurfing school. A great beginners windsurfing board yet being light weight and agile, the smaller sizes cross over to work really well as intermediate windsurfing boards for practicing faster turns, beachstarts & harness techniques.

Overall we have a range of RRD & Goya Windsurfing boards to cover beginner/intermediate windsurfing skill levels, from 220lt, 200lt & down to 180lt boards. This makes your learning fun & progression fast!

Brand new RRD Evolution windsurf boards

New RRD Evolution 135lt & 155lt Improver to Advanced Windsurf Boards

The RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V4 S 135lt and RRD 360 Evolution Duratech V4 M 155lt windsurf boards are great all-rounders that now join our advanced fleet for windsurf hire and windsurfing lessons.

Both great boards to progress your skills onto planing, using the footstraps & learning to carve gybe. RRD windsurf boards always come out top in magazine reviews for usability & performance, which is great for those looking to progress fast with their windsurfing.

Combine these award winning RRD boards with our high end wave/freeride sails from Goya, rigged on carbon Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM’s) with articulating booms and you have yourself the ultimate windsurf equipment rental setup!

Windsurf Sails

Brand New Goya Surf Beginners Windsurfing Sails

The Latest Goya ‘Surf’ Beginners Windsurfing Sails

Beginners windsurfing sails from Goya Windsurfing were a really good choice for our windsurfing fleet here at Poole Windsurfing. They are super light weight & have lots of nice little extra features (such as extra padding around the foot of the sail – to protect your feet).

The Poole Windsurfing Beginners fleet include Goya ‘Surf’ sails in sizes from 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m & 4.0m so we can make the perfect size sail to each student.

Brand new windsurfing equipment used at Poole Windsurfing

Brand New Advanced Goya Windsurf Sails at Poole Windsurfing School

All New Goya Guru & Nexus Windsurf Sails

Intermediate windsurfing to advanced windsurfing sail from Goya freshly unwrapped, rigged & ready to be taken out on the water at Poole Windsurfing.

We have a fleet of intermediate windsurfing to advanced windsurfing level sails, including Goya Guru’s in 4.5m, 5.0m & Nexus in 6.0m, 6.5m sizes. There is always a sail for any given conditions. Plus they all rig exclusively on Carbon Reduced Diameter Masts (RMD’s) for easy of use & light weight.

Windsurf Masts

Amex Visio Carbon Reduced Diameter Mast - RDM

High End Amex Visio Carbon Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM’s)

An exclusive to Poole Windsurfing, the only school in the area to use RDM’s throughout their windsurfing school, including Amex Visio Carbon RDM’s for the advanced windsurfing sails. RDM’s make a massive difference to the feel of a windsurf sail – easier to handle, lighter in the hands & generally give a nicer allround feel to a sail on the water.

RDM’s cost more than a normal mast which is why most windsurfing schools don’t have them in their fleet but at Poole Windsurfing we want to provide our windsurfing students with the best possible equipment & this means using RDM masts throughout the school, from beginners right up to the advanced setups – its all rigged on RDM’s!

Windsurf Booms

Brand New Amex Coreline Windsurf Booms

Brand New Amex Coreline Booms

Amex are a dependable brand when it comes to windsurf booms. The Coreline model features an articulated front end, which give greater flexibility & fit when adjusting to people’s heights. A simple push pin extension system easily adjusts to fit our fleet of windsurf sails & soft grip with narrow diameter arms on the booms make for comfortable use.


Brand New Billabong Wetsuits at Poole Windsurfing

Quality Billabong Intruder & Launch Wetsuits

Billabong is a market leader in wetsuits, the Billabong Mens Intruder & Ladies Launch wetsuits are top class for fit, comfort & features.

Super flex rubber, Anatomic paddle Zones and Supra Tex reinforced knees give these wetsuits excellent performance & using them at Poole Windsurfing we are setting a new standard for other windsurfing schools to follow!

Windsurf Harnesses

Brand New Pat Love Windsurfing Harnesses

Brand New Pat Love Windsurfing Harnesses

All advanced windsurfing equipment hire includes the use of our Pat Love harnesses. Thermoformed Waist harnesses for a super soft and anatomic fit.

These harnesses give great lumbar support and extreme comfort. They include an elastic Power Belt & a Drive-Lock hook-in system with a Neoprene covered front spreader bar. Only the best harnesses are used at the Poole Windsurfing school.

Buoyancy Aids

Helly Hansen Rider Buoyancy Aids

Dependable Helly Hansen Buoyancy Aids

To complete the Poole Windsurfing school setup we use Helly Hansen buoyancy aids to keep everyone safe & secure out on the water. Helly Hansen have years of experience in the watersports safety industry & these ‘Rider’ buoyancy aids are no exception. Designed especially for watersports users, they provide the necessary flotation without hindering your movement – perfect for windsurfing!

Remember that all this top rate windsurfing equipment is included for use on any of our windsurfing courses & windsurf rental:

  • Latest windsurfing equipment
  • Wetsuits
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Wetsuit Shoes
  • Portable shower

In addition to the above list, all of our windsurfing courses benefit from:

  • Small group lessons
  • Safe & shallow water
  • On land simulator sessions
  • Video coaching when needed
  • Over 20 years teaching experience
  • Dedication solely to windsurf instruction & hire