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Posted by on Sep 14, 2010 in Bargain Buys, Windsurfing News |

Boylos – New Windsurf Shop On The South Coast

Boylos is the creation of Ellie Boyle & as far as we know she is the first girl to start up a windsurf shop right here on the south coast of the UK!

To give you a little background to how Boylos came about, let’s ask Ellie a few questions…

1. What made you think starting a watersports shop was a sensible career move?
After graduating from uni I started a job for one of the top 4 accountancy firms. The idea was to work for them for a few years, save up some money, then follow my dream and start a watersports shop. However, I lasted 3 weeks. The corporate culture, the idea that money is the most important thing in anyone’s life, and the fact that it seemed accountancy was going to take over my life meaning no time for friends… no time for windsurfing!!… went against everything I believe in.

So I decided to follow my dream and start up a watersports shop. It’s hard work, long hours, exhausting at times… but I love it! The Boylo’s team is awesome – passionate, fun, enthusiastic, hardworking… I couldn’t have done this without them and their commitment goes beyond what I ever expected. I can’t thank them enough!

2. What differentiates you from other watersports shops?
As far as I know I’m the first girl to start up a windsurf shop. Boylo’s has a fresh and innovative vibe; it’s run by watersports addicts, for watersports addicts, actively pushing the brands we stock to all watersports enthusiasts out there. We get involved at events, sponsor talented windsurfers and surfers, and most of all look after our customers. You guys are our everything and we’ll bend over backwards to offer a service that exceeds expectations and most importantly gets you looking good on the water! Not only that but we have pros from around the UK working here so that you guys always have the best answers for your questions.

Boylos Summer Sale
The stock is pretty extensive & includes all the top brands in windsurfing. Whether you are looking for a new windsurf board, sail or just a new set of harness lines Boylos has it all. The website says ‘all things water’ and they are not joking! You can find everything for all watersports on the Boylos website.

The best thing is they also have a summer sale now on….

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