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Windsurfing Gift Vouchers

Great for birthday & Christmas presents

Windsurfing gift vouchers, great present for someone who loves their sport

Our windsurfing gift vouchers can be purchased for use on any windsurfing course/hire. The customised Poole Windsurfing vouchers can be sent by post or email for you to have something special to give on the big day! Suitable for the windsurfing enthusiast or just someone you think would love to give the sport a go, it is the perfect answer for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion.

Purchase : Directly from the options below OR if you want to discuss your order go to our 3 Step How To Book page.

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons

Enjoying beginners windsurfing lessons & learning all the core skills

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Improvers Windsurfing Lessons

beach starting, harness & footstraps on an improvers windsurfing lessons

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Advanced Windsurfing Lessons

Advanced windsurfing lesson taking your skills to the next level

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Private Windsurfing Lessons

One to one private windsurfing lessons to solve any windsurf technique problem

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Kids Windsurfing Lessons (Under 13)

Tailored kids beginners windsurfing lessons in small groups just for kids

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New! Virtual Coaching

New virtual windsurfing coaching making learning possible anywhere & anytime!

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Windsurf Hire Time

Go to Poole Windsurfing for the cheapest, quality windsurf hire in Poole Harbour

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Windsurf Hirecards

Save £50 off windsurf hire in Poole Harbour, making the best price even cheaper - Poole Windsurfing

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Photo & Video Service

Take home memories of your windsurfing lessons with our photo & video service

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Monetary Gift Vouchers

Monetary gift vouchers for use against the purchase of any windsurfing lessons or windsurf hire

If you are not sure exactly what windsurfing lesson or windsurf hire to give as a gift, these monetary windsurfing gift vouchers can be used against the purchase of any of our lessons/hire.

Note: to make purchases greater than £100 just add x2 amounts (or more) from the drop down options into your shopping cart


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