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Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in Windsurfing News |

Windsurfing Legends – Jason Polakow

Jason Polakow is a windsurfing legend!
OK, so we are going to get back into writing some biographies on the world’s windsurfing legends again. Jason Polakow is one of the all time best windsurfers, with a super powerful riding style & no fear!

As the PWA sailor profile states:
For over 20 years, Jason Polakow has attracted international acclaim as one of the world’s best wave sailors. In particular, Jason is renowned for his wave riding ability, which he is widely considered to be one of the best of all time. Jason first rose to prominence in windsurfing establishing a whole new style and direction in wave-sailing that redefined the sport early in his career.

Check Jason Polakow out in this promo clip from The Polakow Movies – Teaser…

He is a big part of the Red Bull crew – being that he is a crazy all action, extreme sports kind of guy.
Check out Jason Polakow’s rider profile on the Red Bull website: Jason Polakow – Red Bull Profile

Jason Polakow survives a big Jaws hold down:
The former PWA Wave Champion Jason Polakow, survived being smashed by three successive waves in Jaws, holding his breath for more than one minute under water. Jason is well known for his extreme lifestyle on and off the water and has broke endless bones already, but this time he almost took too much risk. Big Wave Surfer, waterman Laird Hamilton just stated: “It is a miracle, that he is alive!”

A quick search on his Red Bull profile brings up the some interesting facts about Jason Polakow – windsurfing legend:
Polakow grew up as any Australian, completely involved in sport. His mother remembers him as a child that walked at 11 months, and didn’t need much sleep. When he was six, his parents discovered he was a hellion on a dirt bike. Within a year, he was the local club champ, then State Champ, and eventually Australian Junior Moto X champ. “It was exciting, but it got more and more scary. It involved more risk at higher speed,” explains his mother, Wendy, “He was totally obsessed with bikes and winning.” While they still had some parental control, his parents took Polakow out of Motocross.
On the next family holiday to Torquay, Polakow discovered surfing, and eventually windsurfing. He gravitated toward the freestyle aspects of waveriding, and naturally, he dominated. At 12, he was the Junior Wavesailing State Champ. At 15, he was on the cover of the February issue of Sailboard Magazine. At 18, he became the top Australian Wavesailer, and headed off to the world stage.

Windsurfing PWA Tour Domination
In 1990, Polakow won every event he entered, beating Windsurfing’s timeless superstar, Robby Naish at the Marui/O’Neill World Cup Grand Slam event that April at Ho’okipa, in Naish’s backyard. “That was such a classic big Hawaiian day. I was unranked. It was such a high to beat someone I idolize,” he recalls. He finished with a Professional Windsurfing Association number two ranking.

This young Australian ripper shows up riding smaller, lighter, symmetrical pintails with less rocker. “My boards were just enlarged surfboards. They were looser. They just fit into the wave better,” he explains. It wasn’t long before the establishment caught on, and symmetrical pintails became the norm. At this time, he also began riding yellow boards, which would become his signature color.

In the last few years, Polakow has carved out a niche as a giant wavesailer. He spent the last few years on magazine trips and shooting for Poor Boyz Productions’, The Windsurfing Movie, which will premier in France in May 2008. He scored superhuman Bakyards on the North Shore with Robby Naish. He changed people’s conceptions about what’s possible on a sailboard in Tasmania, Bali, and on the Tahitian beast-wave known as Teahu’poo.

Oh….and if all that wasn’t enough he owns JP Australia, one of the most successful windsurf board brands there has ever been!

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