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Posted by on Mar 18, 2012 in Windsurfing News |

Windsurfing Legends – Philip Köster

Young windsurfing sensation, Philip Köster is firmly placed to become a great windsurfing legend. His amazing results in the PWA Wave Tour, winning every single event he entered in the past season, have won him the title of PWA World Champion and a place as one of our ‘windsurfing legends’ 😉

Growing up literally on the doorstep of world class windsurfing at Vargas in Gran Canaria, Spain, with his parents running a windsurfing school, you can see why he has become a windsurfing legend at such an early age. Learning from the age of 8, he would windsurf every day, already hitting the biggest waves he could find! This explains why he has become a master of windsurfing ‘airtime’ and the leading contender for mastering the triple forward loop.

He has an impressive list of sponsors including Starboard, Neil Pryde, Red Bull, Volkswagen, Dakine, Maui Ultra Fins. You can see more photos, videos on Philip Köster’s Neil Pryde profile or Starboard’s Dream Team International. For all his latest feedback from the world of windsurfing Follow Philip Köster on Twitter.

Windsurfing Legends – Philip Köster

In an interview with Red Bull, Philip Köster had this to say about his early days competing with other seasoned pro windsurfers…
Red Bull – Being so young, did you find it hard to earn the respect from other pro windsurfers?
Philip Köster – “In my first year, when I was 12, it wasn’t easy at all. I could do things that none of the others could do but the other guys wouldn’t talk to me – some of them couldn’t even look at me. But now they accept me, we surf together and have fun.”

Philip hit the international windsurf scene in a big way when he won the Red Bull Big Day event in 2008 and was crowned PWA Pozo Wave Champion in 2009. In the same year he was also named Rookie of the Year and won the German Wave Championships. Ranking third overall in PWA Wave for 2010, he followed up by becoming the 2011 PWA Wave World Champion, all this while still just 17 years old!

In his final performance for the win as PWA World Wave Champion Philip Köster scored 12 points with one amazing ride that included a one-handed goiter, a taka, a wave 360 landing back in the wave and then flying into a huge double forward on the way out.

All in all Philip Köster is already a windsurfing legend with a massive future ahead of him.

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