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Posted by on Aug 15, 2019 in Windsurfing News |

Windsurfing Legends – Victor Fernandez

Today, we bring back the series on the all time best windsurfers! So, today, we take a look at the one and only Victor Fernandez, one of Philip Köster’s biggest rivals in PWA Wave. Not to be confused with his football namesake, Fernandez rocks it on the waves like it’s nobody’s business!

Train em’ young…

Fernandez doing a big stall forward loop in Pozo, Gran Canaria
|Victor Fernandez Windsurf|

Fernández was born in the small El Ejido, Almería in Spain, on the 25th of April 1984. As with many pro-windsurfers, his father had his fingers in infecting the youngster with a passion for the sport. He began his adventure with windsurfing at the age of 5 in his home-spot of Almerimar.

Victor Fernandez with his dad and Alex Mussolini watching the conditions during PWA World Tour 2010.
Victor Fernandez with his dad and Alex Mussolini watching the conditions during PWA World Tour 2010.
|John Carter|

His break into the professional world happened at the age of 14, when his father let him spend the entire summer in Pozo Izquierdo as a reward for his good results at school. And so the adventure began!

Fernandez to the top!

Shortly after, he reached for his first trophies in the PWA world tour series. The first event he won was the 2002 Freestyle competition in Toro Andaluz, Spain. From there onward, he kept climbing the PWA results table year by year, until his biggest triumph in 2010. It was then, that after an amazing season of dominating the podiums, he won the title of the 2010 PWA Wave World Champion. He would then go on to win the title again, both in 2016 and 2018.
Overall, Victor Fernandez holds over 75 different awards and World Cups, giving him the reputation of ‘one of the – if not THE – most complete wave sailors in the world’ (Fanatic Team).

Victor Fernandez promotional poster as a PWA rider, about his 2010 and 2016 World Champion status.
With 3 world champion titles, Fernandez is a force to be reckoned with in 2019.
|Victor Fernandez Windsurf|

Victor Fernandez centre – Back to the roots.

On top of his pro career, Fernandez decided to give back to the community that saw his first steps on the board. In 2012, he opened a windsurfing and SUP centre, back at his home spot in Almerimar. The on-site club supports and tutors many young riders, that are the future of the sport! The spot is also a host of many competitions directed towards the youngsters, including the PWA Youth World Cup 2019!

Victor Fernandez Centre in Almerimar.

For latest news on the event, as well as the results of 2019’s PWA Wave World Tour, keep an eye on our news page.

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