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Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in Equipment, Windsurfing News |

Windsurfing Lessons and Windsurf Hire – Brand New 2011 equipment

Poole Windsurf school with the Latest Equipment

For the coming season the Poole Windsurfing school will have brand new 2011 windsurfing equipment from Goya, RRD, Amex & Billabong. Lucky students will be using all this new windsurfing equipment on their windsurfing lessons and people hiring windsurfing boards & sails will get to test out all the latest kit!

All types of windsurfing lessons will be running throughout the season from beginner and intermediate windsurfing lessons through to advanced courses and private windsurf tuition. Also, Poole Windsurfing offers a great windsurf hire program where you can pay by the hour or take advantage of a discounted 10 hour hire card that you use during the summer season.

2011 Windsurfing Equipment

The new 2011 equipment will include an expanded range of beginners windsurfing boards from both RRD & Goya, increasing the range of sizes covered by our fleet. The advanced windsurfing sail range is also being increased to cover more sizes. Our top of the range ‘Guru’ & the new ‘Nexus’ windsurfing sails will give intermediate to advanced windsurfers an even greater choice of sail size & type.

Beginners Windsurfing Equipment

RDM (Reduced Diameter Masts) will once again be used exclusively throughout our windsurf school. We pride ourselves on using the best windsurfing equipment available & these RDM’s are normally only reserved for the instructors at most windsurfing schools! At Poole Windsurfing we use RDM’s for everything from advanced sails right through to using them on our beginners windsurfing lessons!

“They may be more expensive but we really feel the benefit to the students is worth it!” – Terril Winters, Senior Windsurfing Instructor – Poole Windsurfing

Check out our Windsurfing Equipment Page to see more from the Poole Windsurfing School setup. This page showcases our windsurfing equipment and will be updated with pictures of all the 2011 windsurfing kit just as soon as it has been unwrapped ready for the coming seasons windsurfing students.

Poole Windsurfing - No 1 for Windsurfing Lessons & Equipment Hire in Poole Harbour

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