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Advanced Windsurfing Lessons

Advanced windsurfing lesson taking your skills to the next level

Our advanced windsurfing lessons in Poole Harbour will step your windsurfing skills up to a new level. With personalized 1 to 1 windsurfing tuition which is always with the same experienced instructors, we can help you crack those elusive carve gybes, make your first water starts or enter into the world of advance freestyle with moves such as Vulcans!

Price: Advanced windsurf lessons are from £35 per hour & we recommend a minimum of 2 hours to maximize your learning. Video coaching is FREE with your lesson! At this level of windsurfing you really have to take 1 to 1 private windsurfing tuition so we can focus solely on what you need to master and give you our full attention.

Video Coaching & Feedback Sessions

Watching your latest windsurf move back on video with Poole Windsurfing video coaching service

With high speed turns such as carve gybes and the latest freestyle moves we can offer video coaching for some of the session. When moves happen so quickly, it is very useful to be able to record the action ready for analysis both on the spot and once back on land.

The difference between thinking you know what your body position / timing is like and actually seeing it live can be a real eye opener. We can break the move down, show you where you are going wrong and give you clear & visual pointers as to how to correct it.

Muscle Memory – Simulation & Light Wind Practice

Using windsurfing simulator to take your body through the windsurfing muscle memory steps needed to master a move

A massive misconception is that it has to be blowing a gale to learn these advanced moves. In fact, learning is most quickly achieved with advanced windsurfing lessons taken in the following way… Ashore, using a simulator to take your body through the exact movements needed to master a move. This is the clearest, most practical way of learning any physical action and for understanding the dynamics & timing of a move. Slow motion, using big boards & small rigs to practice the move at half speed and let the instructor sail alongside to give instant feedback. These sessions are just as important as the ones in planing winds!

Other Lesson Options

Enjoying beginners windsurfing lessons & learning all the core skills

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons

Best tuition & equipment at competitive prices. 3 Hour Taster Lesson for £45 or Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £79

beach starting, harness & footstraps on an improvers windsurfing lessons

Improver Windsurfing Lessons

Mastered the basics, want to move on? Next level of windsurf tuition, 2 Hour Lesson for £50 or 2×2 Hour Lessons for £100

One to one private windsurfing lessons to solve any windsurf technique problem

Private Windsurfing Lessons

Offering you a one to one solution to any windsurfing problem. Our personalised windsurf tuition costs £35 per hour

Tailored kids beginners windsurfing lessons in small groups just for kids

Kids Windsurfing Lessons (Under 13)

Tailored to make learning easy & fun. 2 Hour Kids Taster Lesson for £35 or Kids Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £59

I had been stuck making the same old mistakes with my attempted carve gybes for years. The video coaching & analysis with Poole Windsurfing really opened my eyes as to what was going wrong & now I am getting round my gybes & even starting to look at more advanced ways of falling in!

– Adam Bench

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