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Improvers Windsurfing Lessons

beach starting, harness & footstraps on an improvers windsurfing lessons

Our improvers windsurfing lessons in Poole Harbour take you to the next level. With personalized windsurfing tuition using the latest equipment, you will learn faster turns, control in higher winds, beach starts, using harness lines, footstraps and getting your board planing! On these windsurfing courses you will also learn how to fine tune your light wind skills & how best to setup your equipment.

Price: Improver windsurf lessons are £50 for a 2 hour session. The fastest way to progress is to take some windsurf hire time in between these improver modules, to practice what you have been taught.

Fast progression

Beach starting, hooking into the harness lines & planing away with intermediate windsurfing lessons from Poole Windsurfing

Once you have mastered the basics on one of our beginners windsurfing courses & had some windsurf hire time on the water practicing, we can introduce the skills to take you to the next level of windsurfing.

The combination of our small group or 1 to 1 windsurfing tuition & the location of Poole harbour give the perfect environment for rapid progression. After these windsurf lessons you will make effortless beach starts, hook into the harness lines, slip into the footstraps & sail away planing!


Success gained from basic learn to windsurf course through to advanced windsurfing lessons

At Poole Windsurfing, we can really accelerate your learning curve. By breaking the learning process down into easily digestible modules you will be able to focus on each element needed to become a competent windsurfer.

Other Lesson Options

Enjoying beginners windsurfing lessons & learning all the core skills

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons

Best tuition & equipment at competitive prices. 3 Hour Taster Lesson for £45 or Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £79

Advanced windsurfing lesson taking your skills to the next level

Advanced Windsurfing Lessons

From cracking carve gybes to landing Vulcan’s and everything in between! 1 to 1 tuition for £35 per hour

One to one private windsurfing lessons to solve any windsurf technique problem

Private Windsurfing Lessons

Offering you a one to one solution to any windsurfing problem. Our personalised windsurf tuition costs £35 per hour

Tailored kids beginners windsurfing lessons in small groups just for kids

Kids Windsurfing Lessons (Under 13)

Tailored to make learning easy & fun. 2 Hour Kids Taster Lesson for £35 or Kids Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £59

Beach starts & learning to use the harness were high on my list of things to master. After a couple of great lessons with Poole Windsurfing and a little bit of practice time I am now confident with both these things! It really does pay off to have these things explained, it saves months if not years of wasted energy trying to work it all out on your own.

– Andrew Walker

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