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New! Virtual Windsurf Coaching

New virtual windsurfing coaching making learning possible anywhere & anytime!

This is the ultimate anywhere, anytime virtual windsurf coaching!

You supply video footage of your windsurfing efforts, whether it be carve gybe attempts, basic tacks & gybes or your very first few goes out on a windsurf board. We, at Poole Windsurfing can then analyse what you are doing wrong and give you a step by step plan of action to correct it. Because it is visual ‘live’ footage the virtual windsurf coaching tips we can give are just as if we were there right next to you on the water coaching for real.

How It Works?

Step by step guide to virtual windsurf coaching

The process is actually really simple & the results are amazing. Just follow the step by step guide below for how to get your very own virtual windsurf coaching delivered to the comfort of your living room…

Only £30 for any level of coaching!

  • Have someone film you attempting a windsurf move you are stuck with.
  • Send it to: [email protected]
  • Make flat fee payment of £30
  • We analysis your efforts – making detailed coaching notes
  • You receive detailed coaching notes with a plan of action
  • Windsurfing problem solved!

Other Lesson Options

Enjoying beginners windsurfing lessons & learning all the core skills

Beginners Windsurfing Lessons

Best tuition & equipment at competitive prices. 3 Hour Taster Lesson for £45 or Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £79

beach starting, harness & footstraps on an improvers windsurfing lessons

Improver Windsurfing Lessons

Mastered the basics, want to move on? Next level of windsurf tuition, 2 Hour Lesson for £50 or 2×2 Hour Lessons for £100

Advanced windsurfing lesson taking your skills to the next level

Advanced Windsurfing Lessons

From cracking carve gybes to landing Vulcan’s and everything in between! 1 to 1 tuition for £35 per hour

One to one private windsurfing lessons to solve any windsurf technique problem

Private Windsurfing Lessons

Offering you a one to one solution to any windsurfing problem. Our personalised windsurf tuition costs £35 per hour

Tailored kids beginners windsurfing lessons in small groups just for kids

Kids Windsurfing Lessons (Under 13)

Tailored to make learning easy & fun. 2 Hour Kids Taster Lesson for £35 or Kids Full Beginners Windsurfing Course for £59

Why use Virtual Coaching?

All new virtual windsurf coaching, windsurfing lessons available anytime, any place

It is the perfect solution for many reasons; it draws on both the visual & written forms of learning, is great for those who just don’t know when they will be available for a standard lesson. Also, for anyone who has trouble remembering what they have been taught – all the coaching is sent back to you as pace notes to accompany your video footage!

I tried this just for fun & it actually turned out to be a real success, once I received the coaching notes back I could follow the points whilst watching back my video. It is an amazingly simple & effective solution to any windsurfing problem.

– Victor Boyd

Purchase Options: Call 01202 237247 or Buy Online

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