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Posted by on Jan 17, 2010 in Technique, Windsurfing News | 2 comments

The Future of Windsurfing Moves & Movies

I thought a little video blog post to showcase just how far windsurfing has progressed should inspire & motivate everyone. With the latest windsurfing equipment developments, moves that were thought impossible are now being tweaked & fine tuned by the pro riders. Even at a more normal skill level of riding a whole new world of windsurfing freestyle has opened up. More recently this breakthrough in windsurfing freestyle moves has filtered its way through to wave riding. Once a pure ‘jumping on the way out & riding the wave back in’ discipline, wave riding has now incorporated elements from the world of freestyle, with moves such as air takas being thrown whilst riding the wave itself.

Air Taka:

Light Wind Big Moves from Maui Makani on Vimeo.

The leap in windsurfing standards has been matched by an equally impressive progression in filming. Just have a look at these clips from 2 of the latest windsurfing movies produced by Andre Paskowski, Stacked & the much talked about The Four Dimensions.

Stacked – This Windsurfing Movie shows you crazy Freestyle and Wave Action from the World Cup Spots Fuerteventura and Pozo.

The most recent addition to anyone’s windsurfing movie collection should surely be ‘The Four Dimensions’ film by Andre Paskowski, an amazing progression in how to film a windsurf movie. This movie takes both the filming & riding abilities to another level. Rich Page, Manager of the PWA sums things up very well…

“Four Dimensions is a dynamic and exciting departure from previous windsurfing movies. Not only showcasing the explosive nature and intense technical capabilities of modern windsurfing, but also bringing new and progressive production techniques to create an inspirational film. Compared to many of the great “legends” movies previously released, Four Dimensions also leads us into the future of windsurfing, turning the spotlight on some of the most talented young sailors in the sport. Already accomplished competition sailors, these riders are the new champions of windsurfing who will lead our sport into its next evolution. Whether familiar with windsurfing or not, I challenge anyone to watch this film and not want to just go out and do it!“

The Four Dimensions – windsurfing movie, official trailer

Nowadays, with good tuition from a windsurf school that has the latest windsurfing equipment people can learn the basics in a matter of hours, become competent improver windsurfers in a few months & with regular practice time, really get to grips with the more advanced learning elements within a summer season.

There really are no other watersports that have as much variety to offer. With windsurfing you can choose to go slalom blasting, bump & jump, wave riding, freestyle or light wind freestyle. Its a sport you will never get bored of because there is always something new you can learn!

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  1. great post,really i like it and also vedeo,I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post.

  2. Thanks for that, the video posts really help highlight just how far windsurfing has come in the last few years!