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Posted by on Mar 6, 2010 in Travel |

Where to go Windsurfing near London

London, our capital city. Home to tons of people with great shopping & night life but what do you do if you are into your windsurfing? Resign to the fact that London & windsurfing just don’t mix? No, its not that bad.

Well, there are a few options for windsurfing in or near London. Queen Mary Reservoir would be the 1st (& maybe only real) option that is right there in London but the problem with this windsurfing location & others like it is that they are inland reservoirs. This creates a few problems for those looking the take beginners windsurfing lessons. Inland reservoirs are usually surrounded by trees or buildings that shadow the wind making conditions gusty & the depth of water drops away very quickly, making it much harder when you have to climb back on your windsurf board. Not to mention the fact that the water temperature is usually freezing in a deep water reservoir!

So, what is the alternative?
A little know secret is that there is actually one of, if not the best windsurfing locations in the UK only 1 hour 20 minutes away from south London!

Windsurfing into the sunset at Poole Harbour

The place, Poole Harbour….

For years I have been teaching people how to windsurf in some of the best learning conditions in the UK. When people do come down from London they are amazed, one at how quick & easy it is to get to Poole Harbour & two just how stunning a windsurfing location it is!

I have written an earlier post Our local windsurfing spot – Poole Harbour describing in great detail what makes Poole Harbour & the surrounding area such a great place to learn to windsurf and progress on to intermediate & advanced windsurfing. To sum it up for you, Poole Harbour has predominately on-shore winds (meaning you won’t get blown out to sea!), gently shelving, shallow water to make it easy to get back on when you fall & with us at Poole Windsurfing, great windsurfing equipment, windsurfing lessons & windsurf hire for all levels of ability! You can read more about Poole Windsurfing & the windsurfing location of Poole Harbour on this page ‘About our Windsurf School’

Windsurfing near London has never been so easy, after a hard weeks work you can come down on Friday night, take your beginners windsurfing lessons on Saturday & Sunday (half day each day), enjoy the amazing surrounding scenery & make it back to London refreshed but not tired with only 1 or 2 hours drive!

Windsurfing lessons in London or windsurf hire in London really isn’t that big a deal when you have somewhere like Poole Harbour & a school like Poole Windsurfing practically on your doorstep.

Try it & you will wonder why you haven’t thought about it before!

Happy windsurfing

Poole Windsurfing - No 1 for Windsurfing Lessons & Equipment Hire in Poole Harbour

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