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Posted by on Jun 27, 2019 in Equipment |

WindTech Bullets – Innovative adaptive boards

Windsurfing is a relatively young discipline with a long history of technical development. Slim and long boards inspired by yachts have slowly evolved into today’s flat planing machines. However, that change was all but smooth and easy. In the course of progress, many crazy inventions have been proposed to make windsurfing easier, better and faster. But will WindTech ‘s new Active Trim become one of the forgotten features or will it catch on and become mainstream?

WindTech, now and then – Innovation always welcome!

Old school windsurf boards in front of WindTech factory from 1998.

WindTech is a brand most known for their custom windsurfing boards from the 1990’s. Back then, their designs dominated the top of PWA championships and the weight of their boards was dropping week by week. Therefore, despite their long disappearance, we can be certain that WindTech is no stranger to innovation.

Wind Tech's Adaptive Trim technology

The Australian company is coming back strong with their Bullet line of boards. Both Silver and Magic Bullet‘s trademark feature is the Active Trim technology. The rear of both their freeride and wave models an adjustable carbon fibre panel that can be tuned in using a screw.

The idea is to allow the rider to tune the exact profile of the board’s rocker they want, depending on the conditions and their preference. Between flat water and loads of wind and marginal conditions between waves, the innovative technology introduces tunability and “breathability”.

WindTech’s list of advantages regarding their new boards is quite extensive. The board is promising sublime balance and early planing ability combined with the dynamic of heavy rocker board. But just how well does it all work in practice?

Ride waves, fly high, glide fast.

Actually… surprisingly well! Although the reviews of this boutique board are few and far between, all who had a chance to take it for a spin are impressed!

Even in the messy onshore half-mast waves, I felt my bottom turns were more flowing and cutbacks tighter than I’m normally able to achieve – I could feel the tail flexing under back foot pressure increasing the rocker and tightening the turns. Awesome fun.

Azymuth on forum

Other riders describe the Magic Bullet’s crazy jumping ability, provided by the springiness of the adjustable rocker. And they have some pictures to prove it too!

|Photography by Andy Bell |

On top of its amazing wave potential, some users report on the boards great behaviour in flat water conditions.

The board’s longer length, fast rocker and ATT tail flexing up and down increases control heaps so you can crank the speed. 

Azymuth on forum

Magic Bullet – or is it?

With all the praise and amazing performance, the Magic Bullet is without a doubt an amazing board. The innovation of the Active Trim technology is a great solution of the problem of sluggishness of aggressive freestyle-wave boards. Alongside the Magic, WindTech is trying to shoot the mainstream market with their Silver Bullet line. However, whether or not the feature has its place on more freeride oriented boards remains to be seen.

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