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Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Technique |

Winter Windsurf Training

Windsurfing In Winter So, we have had a really, really good run of great summer learning conditions for everyone here at the Poole Windsurfing School but as winter draws ever closer people are starting to ask – ‘how do we get through the winter months!’. There are several great responses to this much asked question:

1. Save up & go on a all-inclusive windsurf holiday – probably the best way to get through a dark, depressing UK winter is to take a couple of weeks off, get your face in the sun & do some intensive windsurf training. Lots of companies offer an all inclusive windsurf package including flights, accommodation, kit rental & even some tuition all for very reasonable prices! A great company to try are Club Vass, with windsurf centres in all the top locations around the world!¨

2. Watch some inspiring windsurf movies – Watch the pro windsurfers ripping it up around the world and get in the mood for when the water warms up enough to get back out there and do it yourself! Also, the odd instructional windsurf DVD wouldn’t go a miss whilst you have some down time from your actual on water windsurfing. There is much to be said for learning from as many different sources & aids as possible to really progress your skills & make your time on the water as productive as possible.

3. Put your head in your hands and sit there sobbing until the warm weather arrives in the spring! – Probably not a healthy option but cheap & it will really make you appreciate the following summer of windsurfing!

Hope you get some windsurf training done one way or another this winter!

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